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  1. It really doesn't matter so much. People who were maining spoilers already left/changed main or are still struggling to compete. Before xmas event ppl will already get a bunch of C grade stuff from daily dungs. These spoil/drop rates + weapons/armors/jewelery from events/dungs = useless spoilers. Many players already left because that.
  2. There is also quest in Wasteland, but very low reward for monster eye meat & basilisk stuff, I didn't manage to get monster eye eye lens - maybe this one is higher. Mob there gives x2 exp compared to spiders, while adena drop oscillates around 200. Downside is that mobs there are... hard.
  3. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Quests_for_Levels_1—40 Maybe Ol Mahum from Leopold?
  4. From 10 am to 6 pm yesterday. ~1500 From 11 am to 11 pm 2 days ago. ~2200
  5. Guys is queue even moving? Mine frozen at 15 (waiting till 10 pm gmt +1)
  6. I waited several hours to get to around ~160 in queue from 1800, then my client just closed. GG today, won't even claim attendance reward.
  7. @manos So you think that whole server should be doing one spider quest and everything will be fine? I always thought that L2 can deliver us more than just brainless farming one quest with all my alts before I can afford ng/low d weapon.
  8. This post is gold. Thank you for your effort.
  9. That's true, spoil rate is a joke. Crafting single top no grade weapon is nearly impossible for now.
  10. We just did exactly what the newbie guide said. Also, lector is asking: spiritshot or soulshot? If we choose spiritshot we'll still get soulshot.
  11. Part II is bugged same way. I need my spirit shots...
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