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  1. Im saying that the drops & rates are fine for cp's, not viable if you play solo.
  2. Idk if you know that the bots showing up in the market with 3k+ of different mats are getting it from farming tons of silver coins in low lvl zones in partys, so they are vip already, so nothing will change in the bots side if they buff it for vips only. I doesnt matter what they do in the end to me, spoiler is fine if you play in a GROUP / CP, adena drop 40+ is fine if you play in a GROUP / CP, people is used to play in x5 servers solo and want to do the same here in the official x1, so whatever, if in the end ncsoft make this like all the others mmorpg where you dont need to grou
  3. You go to see a movie on the cinema, at end you dont like the movie so you ask for a refound. Thats what you are trying to do here, pay for some bonus in a game, after a few weeks you dont like the game anymore, so you ask for a refound. Whatever dude, if you want to chargeback there is 0 need to post about it here outside of looking for attention.
  4. Plebs, they dont fight back because they are low level, who care about exp at level 20-30? When they get to higher levels and dont want to loose exp they will fight back, end of the story, aoe farming clean the karma super fast anyway and the 330k adenas is ok too, there need to be some punishment after all and in 1 year the 330k is going to be nothing, like free pk. The system is fine, some of you sound like never played l2 before.
  5. When you can argue anymore, do what uneducated people do, use ad hominem fallacy, now multibox is for the adena sellers, ok. Im done, going to play since i can log in, have a nice day.
  6. Have u ever played l2? multibox is needed in this game for soloing, if you remove the multibox you literally kill the game in the long term.
  7. Again the same logic, you dont even want to support the servers with 1$ per month but want the game to be change to fit your ideas, sure, anything more sir? want a free coffe while u wait?
  8. Is free to play, you have to wait in the queue if you want play the most populated servers without vip, you can go to the other server too and dont have to wait.
  9. Why should the people afk fishing be remove? because you dont want to play on Aden or pay 5$? Is it difficult for you to play in Aden?
  10. If you call 1$ per month p2w, sure so lol.
  11. Literally, they dont want to pay but want the same service that the ones who paid, yeah sure. Not even customers and demand a perfect service.
  12. This selfish 13 years old mentallity.. just because you dont want to play in a server that doesnt have queue (ADEN) and dont want to pay 5$ for 5 months of vip on the other servers you have to request to NCSOFT to change the game for all the players, even the customers who paid. Why dont play on aden if you dont want to pay?
  13. You can play for free, just gonna wait in the queue until the population drop.
  14. I can't understand the people that is complaining about the queue being too long, 5$ is 5months of vip, if you have 3 box is 36$ per YEAR. If you dont want to pay is fine, but stop complaining and asking for retarded things like 1box max, no fishing, etc. Also if you dont want to pay why dont play in aden? you dont have queue there.
  15. 10% exp lost before lvl 20 4% exp lost after 20
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