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  1. Obviously the problem is NCSOFT not policing its servers, combined with them drastically lowering the adena drop rates, making this server prime for adena selling. Of course people are going to always look for an edge, authority is needed. Its like taking the refs out of sports then when players are cheating more, you then try to convince everyone the reason cheating increased has nothing to do with the refs missing.
  2. So I can log into other servers, just not talking island. Im guessing this is an issue that you are hopefully aware of. Im from the US.
  3. Im thinking the server is just about dead. The adena/xp rates were the first heavy blow XP Scrolls were another hit Bots/artificial market was another hit P2W was the throat slit. This server is like Titanic, I dont think it can remain afloat.
  4. I am curious as to how much of your friends list has quit since the P2W introduction. I had only a few actives on my friends list. It seemed like half of them dropped once hitting 60, and the other half dropped once the pendants were introduced.
  5. It is possible. Yes. If you have the time to play 10 hrs a day etc. Yes, You may not realize but there are people making 1 million adena per day, sometimes more. If I play all day 10+ hours I can make a million adena, if not more. So, to say it is impossible is just not true. I was broke 2 days ago (Bought nuker a weapon) and now I have 1.2 Million adena two days later, and I didnt play much.
  6. Seems that is only an issue for people who are wanting to only focus on XP (usually on one toon) and want the bi-product to be getting rich. If you focus on just XP you will only get the levels, nothing more (in many cases). The rates and scaling are by design, they are not wanting activity in high level areas to be the main influence on the community. In time the areas that are affected by rates and scaling will be adjusted, it is only a problem if you made serious advancement to only your xp and are way past the rest of the pack, but in this game adena is more important than levels, so yo
  7. Yes, people complain about drop rate, but I have 10x - 20x of every mat from Cruma level 3 in my warehouse. This server is not for the player that makes just 1 toon and hope they get rich. This servor is for planned out CPs and people running smaller box setups that now how to be effective.
  8. The evolution of the game will call for boxes. When the game first launched in 2004 most people didnt have boxes. Most people had friends that they played with. Once you play long enough and get good level then the friend wants to quit. You dont want the account to go to waste because its a 52+ cleric, so you takeover friends account for $15 a month. This game is so cleric heavy that it is inevitiable that a high level cleric will quit game and his friend will use the toon for buffs. The more that this happens the more the demand for multi client will increase, and just like the people t
  9. Join an active clan. Join an active CP Make some boxes Spend heavy $$$
  10. No Thanks, without multiboxing I wouldnt be rich.
  11. So most people are broke and crying on the forums about it. Meanwhile a few of us are living lavish L2 experiences and enjoying amenities such as regular SOES and using blessed shots for buffs on our clerics. So whats the secret? Experience and direction of course. The types of players that I notice are succesful (making level and adena without complaint and not sharing in the stress that many others are currently under) Satisfied Players 1. Players with a lot of time (NoLifer) If you are a no lifer and cant make it beyond the advancements of a normal player then end game now (f
  12. 2 Hand Sword vs 2 Hand Blunt. - 2 Hand Sword has higher crit rate, coupled with death whisper is significant. (Most dont have DW right now) -2 Hand Blunt gives option to use stun skill. This does significantly more damage than the 2 H Sword skill, and stuns mobs for up to 7 secs. If you are playing with boxes the Blunt may be better for you.
  13. why do people think that just because you run 3 toons you must be botting? Are they mad they died in pvp, or that maybe your 3 toons are killing more efficiently than their 9 man rando? Anyway any other people running 3 toons get accused of botting? Ive been accused 3 times so far. twice I had to enter some code. third time the dude just told me I was. Its kind of funny, but also concerning, are people quitting game because they think boxes are being botted? Or are they quitting game because of obvious bot trains in low level areas like cave of trials etc?
  14. whatever rates NCSOFT decides they need to be consistant. A x3 mob at lvl 40 needs to drop more than a x1 mob at lvl 28, thats obvious and anyone that disagrees is vastly outnumbered. I dont want to work 3 toons, gearing them all up to the teeth, get to cruma and find out its better adena rerolling and killing festering bats at DE village.
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