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  1. Guys like you stan was the reason that i left this server. Go buy some more pendants with your money and at 1-2 years see all your money gone wasted cause of dead servers. No players anymore to 1 shot with your top l2store gear....... As long for the other players that dont want to spend 200 eyro on an event , get away from here as soon as possible!!!!
  2. Pendent lasts 30days..

    We all hoped to be for 30 days ......but reality is hard some times...
  3. Hi all. Lets say i wont buy event items ,like 80% of the server will do,and continue to play like this. In future and other event like this will apear. As a result i wont be able to play olympiad either pvp , cause i ll be 1 hit from those players. So i ll face again the same situation as on naia server,that i quited my 105 lvl char ,cause it was too expensive for me and the gap between players was huge. I was happy with the fishing event cause with 4000ncoin i spend 1 month fishing,and i enjoyed. I said to myself that the prices of the events here were much more to what most of the people wanted. So i waited a price for 30 pendants around 800ncoin!!!!! I didnt believed it when i first saw it!!!!! 3600 for 30 pendants !!!!!!!!! I am still shocked!!!!!!!!! I know that is hard for me to stop the game,cause i am addicted to it, but i know also that is the right decision for me. I believe that many of you feel like me , and we all must find the courage to stop the game that we love so much. I dont know if i win my hunger for game ,but i know that with this events the game will die in future,as happened on live servers.
  4. You do the same mistakes again and start produce items in l2store that makes big diference between players that spend much and other players that dont. This was the main reason that ruined live servers. Gratz guys that destroyed the game so quickly.
  5. This event is a very bad idea for classic. I am vip4 from the start with 2 chars. Now i am thinking of not buying again cause i have lived the same situation on naia ,where i quited my 103/105 chars cause the l2store items where so many that made a huge diference between players. Yet again the dont learn from their mistakes and believe that people will get into that road again. Xaxaxaxaxaxaxa. No way i am going to spend again my money in a gambling event!!!!!!! I have learned from my mistakes and i wont do them again. But some people will buy and the gap between players will start growing destroing the game. Gratz ncsoft for same mistakes.
  6. suggestion for bot-free server

    One way to stop boting once and for all, is by puting adena buy in l2store. Its so simple ......
  7. Spellbooks

    l2wiki classic you can see all that you want about spellbooks drops from mobs.
  8. Lineage II Classic: Saviors Coming February 27

    Hi guys. I am vip4 from the launch of the game. With this update i feel like running to a race that has no finish!!!!! This update is a very bad idea for the game that we love so much. I play for more than 10 years this game. It is bad cause it comes so early. I am 56 lvl tank and i play average 2 hours per day from the begining of classic. I didnt did fom every day cause i wanted my char to have all skills, cause fom only gives exp and not sp. With these update you grow the unbalance between players ,which was for me one of the most important reasons that people abandonded live servers . Unbalance can be created from level also and dont only from gear ,as it was in live servers. You guys start to make the same mistakes again , to satisfie the 5% of the players that have no real life. But at the end the only thing that you succed is too empty classic servers. Stop rushing the game and let the 90% of the server reach close to high level and gear. I beg you reconsider the update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. level difference/+16 weapons

    Hi guys. I am sk 55 level and i want to express my opinion about the upcoming sieges. There are players already 70 level in giran server,and i am playing from the start of server almost every day for 2 hours per day. Company must retain level cap at the upcoming updates,cause if not i feel like l ll never be competitive at siege and pvp. I am vip 4 from the start of classic server. Many will leave if company start raising the level diference on classic servers. Also +16 weapons and +6/7/8/9/10 armors shouldnt exist on classic servers. The diference of +16 weapons is huge. This was a big mistake in my opinion from the company. Armors should be at this point on +4 max.
  10. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    Very bad idea to keep adena rates like this on 40+ lvl areas. Also vey bad idea to remove free teleports from the game. I stop buying vip4 until you fix adena drops and adena cost for teleports. I am a vip4 from the realise of classic.ty.
  11. Now what?

    Same here dude. I am vip4 from the start. I reached 44 lvl tank now and i wait for the company to increase rates of adena. I cant solo nowhere cause of low adena drop. I give them 2 weeks to fix the adena rates,then i am out of this game. Also i cant teleport nowhere ,cause i am out of adena. I wait also free teleports again . Only then i ll buy vip4 again.ty.
  12. Hi all. I have a 41 lvl tank and i have to beg every day my clan mates (mages/sumoners) to take me with them on aden dungeon daily quest,cause its the only ingame way to earn some adena. I really cant stand it nomore. Why a tank cant get alone like mages do, the daily gift? Make this quest like aligator quest ,so that everybody can do it.
  13. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    The only sure thing is that many ppl will leave with this decision. i am thinking it too and i am a vip4 player from the begining of classic.
  14. new boxes in store

    I would take the 2000ncoin pack if it had 200% increase of adena and drops. So consider of puting something like this in the packs. With the items that includes and the prices that they have, none will take them.