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  1. Greetings, first post... noticed there was some complaints earlier about this issue in world chat, however none of it seems to be posted on these bug reports forums therefore I am creating a new topic in order to address the issue of Langk Lizardmen inside the Lizardmen Dwellings outside Gludio village not dropping the tooths that are required for the second scroll of https://l2wiki.com/classic/Path_of_the_Orc_Monk, for reference the Felim Lizardmen have dropped the required item and the only issue appears to be with Langk Lizardmens. This is quite frustrating as it halts my progression- I can't transfer to the next class and will probably quit playing until this is fixed, or level another char but doubtful. Things I tried: ** Relog ** Restart whole client ** Tried it at level 19 ** Tried it at level 20 just to see if it by some chance fixed with a level up reset, but no luck. ** Tried with and without fist weapons. ** Tried with barehands (didn't go well lol) ** Tried with and without soulshots ** Lastly I tried to kill every single type of mob around, neither dropped what I need. Good luck, hoping this gets fixed before or during the weekend.