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  1. Whats the chance to trade 30 fragments for a rare artifact fragment
  2. @Conguero.. Test 105 Raid Bosses, Kamaloka 99 and Elven for example.
  3. You will not make a +10 of those jewels, forget it Korea/Japan this event gave Lv 1 Weapons. Enjoy!
  4. ???????????? it doesn't say fragment next to them
  5. @Conguero Is it giving crafted Stage 1 Weapons in this event? It doesn't say fragment lol..
  6. We discovered the actual nerf thats happened with the update which is pretty under handed. Exalted 100% passive is only 100% bonus XP now, whereas before it was applying to base. Pretty shady from NCsoft, to cut XP in half virtually for anyone who's completed Exalted. All boosts are now 50% as effective as they were.
  7. RIP Lul Archers, WTB Nuker gear "Archers
  8. The XP is fine, you want to hit max lvl then go afk for 2 years again? Go out and play shield boy..
  9. Will we be receiving the Archer nerf or not? @Conguero
  10. Nova watches MS cast Aden Proceeds to get fisted. GF's
  11. ETA on notes Conguero? Still on time for today?
  12. NCwest is notorious for changes, no patch is the same as core when we get it here
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