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  1. 4h AOE = 24h bot. hell not even bot but any melee char farm ... bots are not rly the issue. the RMT is comming from the AOE tryhard CPs.
  2. u are still thinkin u are playing C2
  3. WRONG EXP (40exp 20+ lvl mobs ) MEGATHREAD

    smiley stop trolling me. one fcking 0 is missing from the exp . the total exp is divided by 10. 20 lvl mobs are giving same exp as gremlin lvl 1. legit huh? there is NOTHING special about these mobs (adena/drop wise) they are simply bugged.
  4. Drop rates are increasing.

    they told u getting 1.5 version . AND YET U STILL LINKIN US L2WIKI . NEXT LEVEL BRO . NEXT LEVEL. u got exactly what they told u . hows that their fault if its too hardcore for u ? nobody forced u to pay man.
  5. Drop rates are increasing.

  6. Drop rates are increasing.

    i dont see u playing . u are crying . u can utube my random name tho. u are the ppl actually failing at this game . u can just fool others , not us. go back to ur modern MMO games.
  7. Drop rates are increasing.

    ppl like u lacking knowledge are refusing to compreend we play on 1.5 version of the game . this is not skelth or c2/interlude. ITS NOT ONLY HARD FOR U . ITS HARD FOR EVERYONE ELSE . we started on talking island 3 days ago and we got like 1kk . we are arround lvl 27-30 . we are not even farming aoe . idk whats wrong with u guys . ppl are like blah blah impossible without purchase . LOL we are 6 ppl with 0 VIPs . exp runes or w/e . if u want some trash new mmo where EVERYONE progress equally maybe u should look for another game . ADENA DROP RATE/ SPOIL / DROP IS JUST FINE FOR 1.5 PATCH. I PLAYED ON BOTH SKELTH AND KOREAN SERVERS AT THEIR START AND IT WAS THE SAME IF NOT HARDER.
  8. WRONG EXP (40exp 20+ lvl mobs ) MEGATHREAD

    why is this not top priority . NCSOFT?
  9. WRONG EXP (40exp 20+ lvl mobs ) MEGATHREAD

    cant tell if u are retard or trolling , literally mobs are giving x10 times lower exp then normal / other mobs on same lvl. 17 lvl spider gives 700 exp . 22 lvl mob giving 70 exp ?????? BIG BUMP FOR NCSOFT . I HOPE IT WILL BE FIXED AFTER RR. MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY AREAS ARE WITH BROKEN EXP TABLE AND LEADING TO EVEN MORE FULL ZONES ..
  10. dont worry honey. u were lvl 50 while we was aoeing kariks . putting my char name wont be safe thing to do . i played skelth for less then 2 months and the adena rate was exactly the same .
  11. SKELTH HAD EXACTLY THE SAME ADENA RATE AND SPOIL DROP. U NEVER PLAYED IF U ARE TELLING ME IT WAS DIFFERENT ON THE OPENING . i played both skelth and KR servers. they had exactly the same adena rate as here . adena got increased x2.2 next 2-3 patches after skelth release. and the ppl leaving was sarcasm btw . whats wrong with u guys ? if u dont like it just leave lol . que is longer and longer everyday ppl cant even log. making new char is 100% impossible.
  12. guys do u realize u play 1.5 version and not 3.0 or w/e its Skelth? skelth start WAS HARDER then this server . everything was same rate but no VIP system. u cant compare the server to skelth. skelth had ABSOLUTELY the same database and adena/drop/spoil rates on start. and now its 3.0 or w/e with almost x3 adena increased, there is nothing to compare. if u cant stand it just leave . while 100 ppl are crying here the queues gets longer and longer because ppl are leaving and CPs are not playing :D:D:D:D::D
  13. WRONG EXP (40exp 20+ lvl mobs ) MEGATHREAD

    its literally 10 times lower. its not about 1.5 version.
  14. Dion - Hobgoblin = 90exp Monster Eye Searcher x2 hp = 180exp DIRE WOLF ALL MOBS PLAINS OF DION!!! Dwarven Village - Red Eye Barbed Bat 80exp Northern Trimden 90exp Kerope Werewolf 90exp AND OTHER 4 TYPE OF MOBS 20-22 LVL. gathered from other posts: Orc Village - Immortal Plateau southern region Gludin - Windy Hill NOTE: Please post bugged areas/name of mobs here ill add em all and keep the post updated.