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  1. well i sent a ticket through the website on the account i couldnt login with. When they recived the ticket and answered it they just blocked it. So i couldnt read the answer at all. Now im locked out for suspicious behaviour lol. And probably have to wait 3-4 days more.
  2. Yeah this is so bleeped up. Ive got two accounts running and i just wait until i can solo my third account up to level 20. Playing world of warcraft atm until this is fixed. Thinking about just making a withdraw from ncscoft on my bank account since this feel like a scam. We are allowed to run three accounts but one gets banned after buying the third chronicle on one account.
  3. Ive been waiting since tuesday to get my account unlocked which i bought the chronicle on. This is getting redicilous. Due to suspicious activity, this account has been locked. Please contact support at appeal@ncsoft.com.
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