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  1. Huge lagg and d/c

    same here
  2. Help me deciding! :)

    for a mage solo you always want a recharger, i would more sugest to make SE(cause of empower) for him, actually the cleric is pretty useless for a nuker duo(box). PS: i would stay playing a cleric instead
  3. regarding known issues - login

    just bought vip 1 and doesnt have any problems at all.. no queue, no d/c at PIN tab. Im not pretty sure they didnt know about it, hehe. anyway 400 NCoins should be enough for vip 1 for like 5 months and its just a 5 bucks, my breakfast cost more
  4. Perfect Leather Armor Undine wrong reward

    Not just humans, all races quest rewards are bugged same way.