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  1. Bye bye BOTs I'm done

    and ncsoft made l2walker, the korean version has it integrated into the game
  2. dyes max +12 or +5?

    max in one stat is +5 and -15
  3. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, October 10, 2018

    There are fields and fields of spiders if you walk a little away from the yellow circle. Its easy to do if you want to do the quest for some adena. Every quest in L2 is like this, there is tons of things to kill if you take the time to wander. Though honestly if you are lvl 25 or so prolly just grab a friend and farm around Dion, you won't level fast but you'll get a lot more adena than you are used to.
  4. Best Way to Dlev

    take all your armor off, use teleporter to go to higher level area, punch anything, at 10% decrease per death its easy to delevel
  5. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, October 10, 2018

    As someone that has killed an entire clan..... The biggest problem is the starter packs and VIP bonus's. People have too much bonus xp % and are leveling way too fast for the original balance. Yes there are some area's that could prolly use some fixing (most are other races quest mobs that aren't supposed to be farm spots). A minor boost to spoiling rate and fixing some the non quest mob adena drops would be fine. People just need to stop trying to power level 2-3 times faster than they did in the original release with all the current retail bonuses. Ex. VIP4(25%)+ 30 day xp rune (50%) + xp scrolls from "mission name" (30%) + Daily Fruit (5%) People seriously thought the adena would keep up with all that?
  6. Resurrection gives 0% xp back

    Was lvl 2 (20%) that was cast, and still didn't get any return. Hope just a one time bug.
  7. Resurrection gives 0% xp back

    Please look into the resurrection spell's mechanics. Was not receiving xp return.
  8. Where is my NCcoins 15h and nothing

    nc coins show faster if you use something other than a credit card, ncsoft delays credit sometimes for 24 hrs or so due to all the fraud issues they had in the past, also play on the server for like 30 mins before ordering.
  9. Server only seems to give 10 seconds or so from when selection screen shows to disconnect, just gotta be fast until you play a lil.
  10. Help! F keys issue!!!

    usually a button like del, F1, etc as you turn the computer on, usually says on the screen as the computer starts, press "x" to enter setup, or something similar
  11. nah, not gonna be able to afford all them cp pots like before with this adena rate lol
  12. there are starter d grade items from quests though
  13. [POLL] Create P2P server

    Not a surprise, so far 80% are for a true OG lineage 2 experience with the original subscription setup.
  14. What kind of classic is this?

    Correct the amount of xp lost is determined by the level you are at the time of death. It will always be more % if you delevel than if you don't.
  15. New Server

    Every day though aden's pop has gone up and up. People not in an established clan are moving over. People are waiting on the transfers of starter packs via support to Aden. There has also been hint at char transfers to aden also. Hopefully a lot gets fixed and technicalities worked out on Wednesday.