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  1. BD+PP duo

    thank you for your feedback guys
  2. Hi I'm currently using 2 accounts. One for mains characters + spoiler and the another one for my boxed PP. I was thinking on leveling a crafter in order to save adena in SS but i already have an Spoiler to manage some income selling mats. What do you guys recomend me? Third account option is dicarded.
  3. BD+PP duo

    Hello Are BD capable to solo with a boxed PP? I'm planing to main a BD. I know they shine in a party but, are they capable of level alone with a PP? Some ppl say they are pretty weak dealing damage / just work in a party / are hard to level / are expensive / are mainly boxed / ect. What do you think? Does it worth the time and adena invested as a main character? Thanks.
  4. Doubt SR/PR/HE

  5. Doubt SR/PR/HE

    Hi, I'd like to know some differences bettewen this classes in NA Classic (includying dyes limits) 1- Cheaper - I know archer are expensive to mantain but who is cheaper? 2- PVE - In terms of solo and party/ Raiding / AoE? (burst shot) 3- PVP- Not much interested but don't want to be useless if I have to pvp 4- As a side note: Are archer more expensives than BD? In terms of appearance i like Light Elf the most, but don't know in terms of cost effectiveness like exposed above.
  6. Archer aoe skill

    Do SR/HE are welcome in AOE pt after getting this skill?
  7. SR vs other archers

    PR are even cheaper kills faster and uses less soulshots
  8. How many server will open?

    I'd like to know too
  9. How many server will open?

    I'd like to know too
  10. CP Busca Latinos - Aden

    Algún requisito? Tengo un futuro BD en Aden level 23, se me es un poco difícil subirlo de nivel sin party al ritmo que ya va el server con gente 30++
  11. Clan ANTARCTICA(Latinos/españoles)

    Aceptan cualquier clase?