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  1. wow, seems go dyes is the best choice. Earn adena for it from now How many M.Atk added if i dyes +8 INT??
  2. For mage enchant weapon or dyed + INT, which one will give you better stats? I am at 3x now, i am thinking dyed +8 INT -10MEN, it should give alot M.Atk and will follow me to lvl60 (side effect dye cannot sell, can not get money back except remove it). what do you think?
  3. Grow up please Cry - dont play Play - then cry inside hohoho
  4. Yesterday, I buffed Acumen free anyone round me, and some of them gave me back recommend point. What is it?
  5. whattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt, fishing got 485exp and 15sp and item??? they passively lvling when others can not login
  6. current Giran 5888 player 2000 afk fishing 3000 bot 800 afk sit in town 88 real player and 650 player in queue for --> client will close
  7. Till client will be closed GGWP
  8. yes don't know why they all sit here
  9. someone post image show up lv40, and me still can not play because this stup.d error Your client will close ok wait them lv50 full B gear then fix this st.pid Your client will close
  10. just make small fee to create account like 5usd or 1usd, BOT will go away.
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