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  1. I personally love sifting through the stores. Search function (which didn't used to exist) is easy to use. It also drives the market in all directions. Flipping items, scoring deals and PvP'ing on the market is good for the game.
  2. Sold, x2. 13kk & 12.5kk. Happy Hunting!
  3. Set up in Giran on, "Malevorn." Contact IGN: Grognak or Malevorn Mail Offers or PM.
  4. I feel like I'd want to test this but I'd have full buffs from a WC and SE recharging a Scavenger for long grinds. Would this work well or well enough without shots to farm 20-32? Or throw that out for Tarbar/BB or Duals?
  5. Contact IGN Grognak // Malevorn or 2almonds.
  6. Me Big Orc. Me need punchy thing. Contact Grognak.
  7. I'd like to reach out and ask a simple question to the General community. What's your favorite class and why? Going through a fork in the road now that I've basically lost everything since launch as it comes to other people. Wanting to pick the roses and maybe look at options. Also, it's interesting to hear other individual's take on the pros/cons of the various classes.
  8. That's all well and fine until the Clan I've built friendships with since launch are all gone. I'll probably get banned since a fair portion of them are handing me their stuff. A clan of 30 and all are gone. lol
  9. Selling both of these in Giran. /target Grognak (Center of Square)
  10. As a follow-up to everything I mentioned. My Clan's 99% dead. Out of 30 people, I see maybe 1-2 people on casually working the market and one who is an alt-aholic person from the UK. I patiently waited for the holiday to pass to see who'd be coming back around. After a full week with no Clan leader or any of the other officers, I'm feeling safe to say it's dead.
  11. My entire Clan died after holiday hiatus. One week, no Clan leader. No officers, just a person from the UK and a couple marketeering casuals.
  12. Problem with boxing support, having dailies and etc. Active players falling off while only the creme of the no life pull ahead. Outside of them, people are just spamming dailies and playing sub-40 characters due to the adena being so good.
  13. I train them regularly when I'm in an area. It works, wracked up 14 in one night in Cruma Marsh. It was awesome seeing how many mobs were there for my Wiz I was grinding on could tag.
  14. During this wave of re-rolls I've been dinking around with a few ideas of what I might like to play. I'm a Clan/Party oriented player, have a WC with all buffs at 48. Originally set out with a Tyrant. I'm not looking for optimal play but would a Swordsinger be able to farm outside of party play well enough to make earnest Adena or farm for drops? Or are they too heavily dependent in comparison to a Blade Dancer? My intent would be to assume the role of Tank or support at 40+ for my Clan provided each member continues moving towards 2nd Class Transfer. Any added insight as
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