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  2. Crazy PvP With New Nova!!!

    I don't think you understand the meaning of ''the people's ...''. ''one one is well known on there block and gives back to his people,be it family,friends or the random person.' Complete opposite of bringing 105 stacked chars with pay-to-win to kill lvl 85-95 f2p players and sending clan wars to every low lvl / pve clans on the server to abuse them lol. The people wil not fall for your false propaganda, we know MS is evil!
  3. Crazy PvP With New Nova!!!

    Are you talking about the same MS who was sending tagged low lvl chars and char names similar to mob names to force clan war on small pve clans? That's your definition of a ''people's clan'' ?
  4. Joining a Clan \ CP

    I like it even more when you get denied cause you're ''not good enough'' and later you see they have players lvl 90ish still using the free dynasty gear LUL
  5. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 9, 2018

    '' (excluding residents of Quebec) '' why do nc soft hate french canadians?
  6. THE GODS!!

    gay ass song, no actual gameplay, gypsy lvl of broken english. 10/10 shitpost, gave me cancer.
  7. 99tank/97iss lf pve

  8. I am now a 99 tank and 96 iss as my dual, 17 days old character, i lvled my tank with red libra requests and had the gear to solo/duo k90 so it went pretty smooth for me, but back when i didn't have enough gear to do this, i can say without a doubt that 90-94 was the most frustrating lvls for a tank.. There is already not many k90 groups, but also, as you pointed out, not many people willing to take tanks.
  9. Sounds like fun, get 99 in 2 weeks, donate for 50 weeks before you can finally do something? oh wait nevermind, because while you donated small amount for a year, even better pay to win crap came out, and they released a new area with new instances that needs even better pay to win crap, so now you can donate another year while sitting in town! This game is for teenagers living with their parents, who have nothing else to pay, or the rich kids who never worked a day in their entire lives and just lives off daddy's credit card. Plain and simple.
  10. Me it's not so much about my gear, but because i'm a tank, sometimes ill get kicked or declined from a CC/Baylor group or some other easy instances because i'm a tank and people rather have another DD, then i get to the spot and i see the party leader is a DD with +4 weapon and dynasty or twilight +3 gear and i'm like.. Are you serious? lol Some people don't seem to realize tank in party = party solidarity, and if the instance is easy, tank can go 2 hand stance and do just as much as some DD's if he has a decent weapon. That being said, i'm totally gonna enjoy refusing all these morons once they desperately need tanks for things like AF/Altar.
  11. Lineage 2 Classic NA Megathread

    No, it wouldn't. Because l2 classic is all about the old times, when L2 required patience and skills, not a credit card. do you seriously believe today's NC West could handle taking care of a server without ruining it like they ruined this game with all their pay to win shit? I don't think so. If NC West ever touches L2 classic, it would be a major bleep up.
  12. L2 Disapointed Me

    Starting L2 now if you dont have any gear and dont want to spend a fortune is completely useless, sadly. They completely bleeped over any chance of getting new players, by nerfing literally EVERYTHING, every 85+ instances drops a EWR as best drop, which is 8kk adena. They even removed the XP runes that were given to lvl 1-85 players (that was mind blowing to me, after all the shit they got from making this game 100% pay to win and completely screwing over newer players with 0 drops, they yet again removed even more things from them with Salvation patch). Honestly, L2 and NC Soft is not what it used to be, nowadays it's just a bunch of greedy bleeps wanting to make the most $$$ possible before the game dies.. ust look at the website, new event coming up tomorrow, guess what? Another 100% pay to win event. NC West doesnt give a bleep about it's players, they've proven that time and time again. Get your credit card ready or uninstall.
  13. Skill certification

    I'm not saying your choice was wrong, if it works for you then it's all good but in general, stacking HP and having the right element resistances is a lot more important than p/m.def itself imo, especially if the tank has a bad set, Example of a tank with noob items: 12% of ~50k HP will net you way more than 6% of 10k pdef or 5k mdef. Hope you understand what i mean
  14. PK's cubic in oly?

    Actually, it's not like salvation from healers, not anymore. Before Salvation update you used to die, then click to res yourself, but now instead of your HP hitting zero you get healed, there is no more clicking to actually res yourself. So basically the biggest feature of PK's cubic doesn't even work in oly, that's the dumbest thing i've ever seen..
  15. Skill certification

    This. If you use a sword or tauti you should already be up there in crit rates so better take the evasions imo.