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  1. Totally agree, we have to make some bruit here, but at the same time, we have to organice and repport. We dont have the support of ncsoft team, i mean that we should know this.
  2. i think we should accept that ncsoft dont even care, so we have to organize, caught those bots in videos and repport, cause ncsoft wont destinate a simple resource in game on this, and its sad.
  3. We have less maintenance that ilegal servers, its ridiculous, i wanna play, but they are killin the game with her silence
  4. this is not gonna happen, and its so sad... they are accomplice, they dont care, they dont do anything.
  5. Play Aden, or Gludio... its the only solution, and more casual players friendly
  6. i cant play since more than a week, this is so sad... please give us an answer! cant be that hard, first days, with more people, servers were running good...
  7. we need this fixed soon, please. we cant play, this is frustrating
  8. Está bueno, pero ya subí a 22 4 pjs en TI, 4 cambios de clases... si habilitaran un transfer obvio que me pasaría
  9. Im so tired of this, so tired that ncsoft dont give a shit about this, isnt a real urgency for them, a lot of hipocresy, seems like they only want a vip/bot server
  10. come on guys! lets make some noise here!
  11. Ye, its getting worse... one week without gettin in, this is so frustrating, and the most incredible thing: to ncsoft, it doesnt seem like they matter. So sad.
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