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  1. client closes on character creation

    this is a problem listed on the known issues on the forum but so what? we'r going to the 3rd day and i only logged in ONCE all this time, today i tried to log in at least 12 times, i did everything i could imagine to not get dc such as not minimize the game and stare to the queue for the whole time, but ye i guess this is just a massive but on their end that is literally making me wanna quit already, some people say they get disconnected after PIN screen, i get disconnected when i'm getting close to the 0 position in queue. i can't even see my character or anything.. imo this should be priority number 1 on the bugs list, maaaany many many many people are getting ahead on level, items, farm and etc while a bunch of us are just staring to a screen waiting and hoping for a answer to solve this bug. i'm so ready to see they solve this after 1 or 2 weeks and give us nothing for the inconvenience, that will be nice! yall gonna see..
  2. All my accounts were locked

    you better create another account buddy, since my main account got flagged for no reason as suspicious and they locked it back in 2015, to this day i couldn't unlock the account, i just made a new one.. i've NEVER used anything illegal and i know my pc, i know what to do, i'm not a dumb to run a game with another program open as they said that could've been, running the game with background programs that may cause this issue.. but i mean, just create a new one and move foward i guess.. save your sanity and time.
  3. Select Server, wait 5-10 min in que, disconnect ?

    for me the game isn't even loading my characters.. i go through the queue which btw is misspelled on the game as qeue, and then at around 12-5 ppl left on the queue i get this message saying that client will be closed. this is just bullshit. i was hyped for this?????????