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  1. 15 hours ago, yoda said:


    GZ for killing ppl in pve mode

    :)) this made my day !! May you tell me what exactly means “pve mode “ :)) u have bloody weapon ? Or maybe +8 bloody set ? You let jewels on ch? Or  wtf ? =)) come on guys, stop crying and accept what u are ....  you are .. idk how to tell you ... you are nothing more than wasted  money on some chars without brain ;) im afraid to think what can happen if molensa have all isnipeyes’s items :))   

    P.S. Better move in pve clan ,there u cannot hit because you are not allowed to open war so u die decent and dnt have to come with this cheap excuses.


    Shame on you all. Amazing items,buffs , br and die like rats by a guy who dnt have even clan buffs .

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