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  1. This is no where close to classic. Skelth did was better than NCSoft here. People should be 35-40 max right now. 1 month 3 days in, and there is level 63-64. That is no way close to classic.
  2. True, but I mean, if I only get 1 per month, thats the same as 1.5 hrs of leveling for 30 days. Insane?
  3. Well I am not lying, nor trolling. Today was a bad day, only 1 C Neck, the rest were all crap. But still overall, seems way over powered.
  4. I have 4 toons total. In the last 7 days, Ive gotten 3 Top C Jewels. 6 XP Blessings. 4 EAC, 1 EWC. 1 x 2.5kk book and 1 x crap book. In a month, I would get about 20~ Blessings.
  5. Am I the only one who sees this? OK, Let's assume your in a pretty good/average PT. I make on a very good PT around 1.8kk/hour. Lets assume I grind for 2 hours per day, every day of the month (Let's say 30 days). That means in 1 month I would make about 54kk/month. Assuming no deaths. Now, If I stay level 46, and ONLY do the following. Daily quests, for 10kk exp (7 + 3). Aden Quest (both) for chance at 37m exp. In just under 300 days, I could be level 75 while playing only 2 hours a day (time it takes to do all 4 quests). Now, one is going to argue you won't have
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