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  1. 10 venom sac from DE can give you 3k2 adena, and i lv 20 and save 23k adena WITHOUT doing that Q, just spend some time griding instead doing Q, or simply create a human mage stand at udin Q solo, it give you more adena than you could think, Next target/windsrtike when you see a full Udin, 1 hit you got ~ 40 adena, other player will do the killing for you.
  2. NgocDiep

    Free tp

    it is curently free now until lv 40 maybe
  3. We have 20k a when lv 20 because the Game give us newbie Q to lv up 20. If you want more money when lv 20, do no Quest, grind like the old day plus repeat Q.. you should have ~ 100k a when lv 20 and mat like old day. If i do Q even in the 20 player chase a mob, i could still lv up to 20 in 7 -8 h play. That is 5x faster than normal 1x so adena is less than 5 time is normal.
  4. Used boats at harbor to move between village is my sweet experience when playing old L2, It's not because i couldn't afford it but i want to save my adena to buy a mid D gear. It's your choice play or not and please don't complain about the adena drop. L2 is a player driven the economic anyway.
  5. If i see that orc, he will have 1 recommend from me
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