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  1. Ma Man! You all should give your attention to this type of information, and start to play the game how it meant to be played.
  2. Getting a top D-grade in a week is good! Not an absurd. This is low rates, you have to "earn" your gear. You talk more than you play that's for sure. You're that kind of player that plays on x10000000 and go to Agony killing mobs for 100k adena.
  3. Another day and the same questions. This will be implemented on later version/update, possible on the next one in 3-6 months.
  4. You guys with weird nicknames never fool me! You got reported, didn't filled the captcha, BOOM banned. I just don't understand why people with bots or mediocre automated system, after exposed, cry all over the forums.
  5. You guys are aware that are more than 5000 slots free elsewhere right?
  6. Check this: 500xp mob (single) 345xp mob (2man party) 345xp * 2 players = 690xp
  7. What mob are you trying to spoil? What's your level? What drop do you need?
  8. Are you suggesting going for example to Ivory Tower for about 2/4hours, get a couple of books per session and get 150k or more for that time? That's not going to happen. You have to grind for a drop or two if lucky and sell that useless book you don't need to buy the books you need.
  9. I prefer playing/farming at late hours when I'm drunk and stoned. There's always friendly players all the time. There's 2 more servers with plenty of free space.
  10. This game is meant to play slowly, the main objective of classic is not the get maxed out in the first month.
  11. GMT X or GMT Z what's the difference? A lot of people talk here like they are going to be Hero or a Castle owner. The manor isn't live yet.
  12. You simple CAN'T transfer your character level X with Z Adena or Y mats to a brand NEW server. The servers have less than 2 weeks of progress, that's nothing compared to the journey we have ahead reaching C/B grade (for most of the casual players) People can't argue for having a queue when there's free slots on other servers.
  13. Why the "queue people" don't play in servers with free room?
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