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  1. client closes on character creation

    Tried again. Still not working. The countdown went: 2 players, i click around to keep the game awared that im looking at it, 1 player and while i was waiting for the zero count and put me in, the window for closing up the client poped up. Its retarded.
  2. client closes on character creation

    This post is NOT about taking 1 hour to enter. People have the client closing on their faces,
  3. client closes on character creation

    I did play the original Lineage 2, more than 10 years ago, and after NCSoft transformed such a good game into trash with very very poor management, i vowed myself to never play another game from this company. I avoided Aion and even thought blade and soul looked amazing, when i saw that it was from NCsoft again, i also skipped. Since this is l2 and i played for years and years, I wanted to see again and I really hoped that they would have fixed their attitude. I say again, the game is great, but as an company, they just dont know how to work, or dont want to. It seems i made a mistake in believing they would have learned something after 10 years, but they continue to be just a really bad company with a great game in their hands. https://ibb.co/fQquZK