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  1. Hay libertad de expresion, pero por nomas del foro el post debe estar en ingles sino automaticamente te lo borran lo admins. Editalo y pone eso mismo en ingles.
  2. Do you also want something to eat or drink while you wait?
  3. What happened that Naia is down?
  4. Tevas have +80 LUC, that helps a lot.
  5. Why do you cover the buffs in the Ertheia ?.
  6. Hi. I would like to suggest that they place a better reward at level 5 or 6 of the fishing faction. It only has an intermediate supply box and other factions have an advanced one. The faction fishing rod would have to have better reuse time. They are too slow, even if they are at level 5. Please return the reward of the quest "The fisherman´s other hobbits". The quest before gave you: 2 magic spice, 100 faction points and an intermediate Supply Box. After the fishing nerf, the reward disappeared and only gives you 2 Magic Spices and 100 faction points. Add new items to change
  7. Hi ppl. I recently reached level 100. I sincerely thought it would be fun to start making new instances that previously could not be low level. But I found the impediment that now is not my level what does not allow me to participate in the 100+ instances, now it is the gear. CC / Baylor / Kama. They ask you to show the weapon, the equipment, when CC / Baylor is a 97+ instance and Kamaloka 99+. Im Spectral wynn summoner and I hit very hard. But since I do not have a weapon +++ or bloody they take me out of many parties. It is very boring to enter the server, wait several hours until you find a
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