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  1. DELETE BOTS (solution)

    the bot problem destroyed the economy, this is the ammount of money collected by guild botters 145800000000000 did you wonder why many people has +16 weapons? well here is the answer now how to fix it, check this post https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/10239-reset-the-adena-ammount-and-erase-the-bots-guide/
  2. DELETE BOTS (solution)

    farming for one day without bsps in 3 hours i do with only one character, 300k money, imagine a bot that was farming 24 hours per day during 3 months and with 9 characters 24.300.000.000 of money and you wonder why you have top d weapons +16 too soon? BOTTING ADENA BUYERS buy items d from shop, crystal it, buy enchant d weap in giran, enchant enchant enchant and this means only for one botter, now, multiply 24.300.000.000 x 6000 = this is the total ammount of adena of botters in talking island and giran server 145800000000000, probabbly these botters are from the TOP GUILDS of each server, they will farm the EPICS First than all, win the olis first than all, and they are going to sell or use the epics and more selling in real life then game is destroyed by this people
  3. is not supposed to be considered as a service botters should be erased of the game, stop trying to protect them and creating a service to pk them are you light?
  4. ok, make a new raid boss, that kills by one hit, but where is the trick? this RAID BOSS will be in each party of the game, replacing names, this mean if you have a elpy lvl 1, then around him u will have a elpy boss, with the same name, ELPY why? bots plays with next target and + /target monster this means, soon or late they will target the BOSS and not the normal mob, and they will die apply this in each area of the game, and no more bots, is impossible for them
  5. lol my bot killer is now lvl 17, decreased all the karma killing and resureccting anyway, bots around giran territory, and mitril mines, windy hills and more still alive
  6. i got 2 compound bows in less than 10.000 monsters, chance is 0.01 to 0.05 in drop x1 without VIP without event rotting trees are the same chance in jewelry and 2 spellbooks, but 0 drop, and killed more than 30.000 in last 2 months, and 0 spellbook drop i think the chance of get that books are harder
  7. doubt about polearms

    if im a palus knight without a polearm passive as dwarfs, im going to hit multiple targets too? or without the passive ill hit only 1 target ?
  8. you know the difference and why they are black hats, and ncsoft the white hats ncsoft is a company they are not a company ncsoft has a l2store, they deserve it as owners they dont like that shop, but at the same time, they bot, to open a black underworld shop and they call it " justice " but is not justice, because doing that, they are destroying the legit players in a world open game as this probabbly they cant see they are in the wrong side of the life and of the karma, then they think they are " hero's " fighting against the system.. so ridiciolous, this is just a game, but they take it as if this be " Robin hood " and is not im sure, if ncsoft read this post, they improve this ideas of this post, and find a solution and believe me, without a black market, ncsoft salary will increase a lot more that could be their motivation too if they want.
  9. anyway we are doing it well, first step is done, this post, and talk about it, spread some ideas and suggestion, and let the Blacks and Whites hats read about it ofc, white hats ncsoft, black hats the bots makers guys Good luck
  10. ill totally agree, but i just want to give a chance to something automatically, remember we are a in digital war era, and to win a digital war, we need help of the IA too think, if ncsoft write this code, they late will sell it to facebook, to twitter, to any place around internet, and GG no more fake news just an example there is a lot of money behind this idea, just starting for fun in a " game " and late, giving it to darpa or whatever u want
  11. is just a log file and you can get 20 8tb western digital disk, and will be enough to record all the activity and delete it at the end of the day to safe space or anyway to write / rewrite the log file without shutdown the server to safe space too, ideas will appear while programmers study bot activity and make the code
  12. of course, but difference will be, ncsoft programmers are getting money and payed for doing that, and black programmers that makes the bot system, wont get anymoney, and their cleints will they " HEY, I HAVE TO BUY IT AGAIN? THEY ARE FIXING IT SO FAST, U ARE STEALING ME MONEY " and done they just will go to cheat another game, and ncsoft won.
  13. for example, i was today playing 6 hours we can call this a " log session " to check my activity probabbly i just only played 2 hours legit, and just been logged in 4 hours and probabbly of my actions in delay wont repeat so much as a bot session will repeat and if a bot session will be logged in for 6 hours, probabbly that 6 hours will have activity, not as mine, 6 hours logged in, and just 2 hours doing something believe me, here is the road to beat bots, or at last " to win a lot of time without them "
  14. bro, is everything about code if you try to register on facebook with a weird extension, they just gonna detect it and say " HEY ,VERIFY FIRST YOUR NUM BER " same happens in IPs and more this is the same, first you study the code of how bots works, and done, you set the filters
  15. well, but, it depends you fix, they found 2 months late you fix they found 1 year late you fix they dont found 5 years late they dont found 6 years late they found you fix it at last, it gives you TIME, of course is infinite.
  16. is a way, i agree with that, is the faster way, but watching we are in 2018, lets give an opportunity to the IA
  17. well, surprise, old blizzard devs, after left from blizzard, made the bots system for diablo 2 believe or not, was what happened, but anyway, the new guys are defeating them, i left from diablo 2 ,to play here, diablo 2 was full of bots, and reduced a lot their activity after my suggestion in forums, we are talking about a lot of reduction, probabbly the guys of that h4ck forum, found a way to beat what said, under another OS, but anyway, i left from that game to play lineage 2 classic now, im watching the same issue of diablo 2, in L2, in diablo 2 we didnt have a captcha system, but we had delay detectors for example, and more, also, in diablo 2 economy is not truly affected by bots, is different, because u can make games for you and yourfriends and never be with bots anyway, l2 is a open world game, and bots make a big trouble in economy, then we can reduce their activity with things as diablob 2 has " delay detectors, session activity detector " and more things as that this is easy, a gamemaster of ncsoft download the bot, study how it works, and write a code to detect their actions, is impossible a human plays 1 hour doing the same actions, but a bot can, and if a bot tryies to modify something to try to play like a human, he cant, because will be recorded in logs sessions, and system will detect and compare the logs sessions with IA, saying " this guy repeated exactly the actions " and the key master, is GMs will set, what parts are compared, or when start and more but believe me they can defeat the bots, here is the idea, now they have to write the code, and done when they test it, u are going to see at last, 90% less bots in the game, or maybe 100% it depends of how they write the code and the best, no more bot report system buttom and captcha, as old times
  18. i was following and recording many bot parties, they repeat actions, they repeat sessions, and even if them set to change a bit the session, they cant copy human actions the new system can detect bots, and dont make troubles for legit humans, believe me, is possible defeat them, or at last, low their activity A LOT " 90%" or more
  19. Ill promise guys, there is a way to detect bots, without make a problem for humans is everything about what they do in the " session " believe me.......... is possible, in binary code everything is infinite and possible
  20. Come on guys, even twitter has a bot detector system that works with IA ( and believe me, twitter bot detector works, 100000 times better than a bot report human buttom )
  21. no, there is a way to bypass it 1) we need to understand the code 2) the problem of bots is they are setted to do automatic things, an human cant do things automatically, and perfectly, they make mistakes, or rest, and have different delays, and a bot cant copy a human style, even if they try to set delays as human, they cant do that to make them get autobanned, we need to study the code, after study their actions, set new filters, better than the bad report bot system for example, a human cant be doing the actions for 20 minutes, exactly, perfect, but a bot can this mean, a bot can instantly target a monster so far, more than the range setted by the /nexttarget this mean, a bot react at 4000 meters, while a human cant there is many filters to add to detect bots, and this starts studying how they work believe me, is possible defeat them, i suggested in blizzard diablo 2 a way to detect bots, and they did a banwave based on what i said, forum was with a lot of botters crying, and restarting again the game wanna beat the bots? hear me, i know how
  22. Probability in spellbooks?

    i was lvl 61 3 weeks ago, just downleveled ( also dont forget ill lvl with a full party, exp divide a lot, but it has a lot of bonus too ) ofc, if u get into lvl 50 or 60, ill promise you SP will not be enough and u will have to downlevel, dieying, pking, or just reskilling yourself in floran village
  23. Probability in spellbooks?

    i think something is defintly wrong i got 3 bone helmets today, chance is 0.01 to 0.05 same as spellbooks, and i got them in 1 hour farming...
  24. ok, to understand how to beat the bots, ill need someone explain here in CODE, how it works, does it checks memory details? lets talk about it, if we want beat bots, first, we need to understand how they work in code, after understand their actions and what they do in code, we can beat them with some filters
  25. i have made a pk lvl 35 to kill bots