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  1. I would say the same for every PDD for solo right? PP+BD guess it's the best combination possible
  2. Yes. Yesterday i've lost 2 bonfires cuz my character was attacking the bonfire then i realized that was the inventory space
  3. The best iten you can get is that agathion! NO TELEPORT COSTS + BSOE
  4. When you get the rune, it will be at your character inventory so only that character will get the bonuses also, this rune can't be traded.and can't be transfered through the account. It will stay in your inventory untill time expires or if you delete it.
  5. i will give it a try. the problem is the time the staff takes to respond/solve ticket supports (people complaining, i don't have nothing to say)
  6. I really wish that they respect us, i don't mind if they care. We (legit players) wanna playthe game, have some fun and get rewards for our hard work. Anyone who start the game with a MasterCard Black Premium Holy Jesus will get a top item from adena from bots. It's not fair. It's just to disrespectful this bots running wild and free around all the map. Every single hunting ground there is someone botting. Please! I trut in NCSoft, i hope they gonna do their job. Everything is Overpriced as F***k cuz those adena Sellers, i can tell Ragnarok was the same way.
  7. They have 3 things we don't. 1) Adena (to buy another weapon to try again and EWD) 2) Balls (To try, to get lucky or break weapon) 3) The enchanted weapon I already acepted this fact. i don't have balls so i can't judge who had. I'm not calling a glitch EVEN if it was,
  8. i think there is some glitch or there is a lot of lucky. We have to believe that someday, someone would do this, sooner or later. But i'm seeing A LOT OF +8 WEAPONS! LIKE THERE IS MORE +8 THAN +5+6....that doesn't make any sense...
  9. Sadly, they can't ban him cuz there's no proof, he said he found out not said how. He could saw something doing the glitch not himself. Btw, the guys with +16 Reinforced in Aden server (RTX) he lost 2 Reinforced Longbows from +8 to +9.... (his words for sure). I just wanna know the price of an weapon like that
  10. Mage's/Archer's life in one post. Thank yooou! until u reach the mob to collect manually the adena you got, someone pass through it and steals. Sadsong! But we're safe!
  11. Hey Kiddo, as i said in my post above. "IF YOU'RE NOT LUCKY OR BUYING ADENA" no you won't afford. it's a fact. There are 64+ archers cuz they dropped books or something that paid their leveling cuz I'M 100% SURE WERE EXPENSIVE. But there are FEW that drop. Or they already are secondary char, they can farm with other char and get ready for their archers. Calm down boy, learn something about reading and then come back to say something worthfull to read. Thanks Dungeon? RNG (Lucky) Drop? RNG (Lucky) XP Scroll Daily? No Adena/SP from that, in this case you only spent resou
  12. Truth must be told. Agreed. ALSO no one can afford C Grade weapons if you're not lucky or buying adena. 20 adena/SSC = 80 Adena per hit with a C Bow....wich mob that you kill in less than 3 hits give you 240 adena ALWAYS (as adena has 70% drop rate) also you have the arrow. At level 40-45 it's impossible. So even if you have the itens you can't use cuz economys **** up
  13. I think the point of this post is: The difference between human actions and machine actions. The speed a human can actually execute a command in multiple screens. We are limited, we have the time against us. YES! There is a lot of people highly able to perform amazing stuffs quickly and smart but still, it's not a machine. Will miss, will delay, will have troubles. and YES! It's easy to findout who is bot and who isn't. grab ur popcorn and watch those 8 boxes for 30min or 1 hour. will do pauses, mistakes, break the protocol if it's an human. like going at bathroom, eati
  14. hats off for your answer. nice to see there are so growth intelectual people around here. our perception of the whole enviroment 10-15 years ago was totally different, we were totally different people. now we can have more sure and clarity on words with proof and solid base of arguments for anything. just have to go ahead and study, calc, test, try. 15 years ago we just used what we used and we can't even remember the reasons if there were many at all.
  15. People always look for the easiest way. HOW DARE YOU TO SAY "DON'T USE SOULSHOT FOR FARM" ??!! This kind of player
  16. Permanent Agathion Joy??? RLYYYY?? i just got the 7 days one, wondering if i should buy more 50 and try something else.
  17. Joy Box at NCOIN store if you're lucky. BTW there is a post that a guy opened 100 box and posted results and others stuffs at coments, worth reading Hope i helped https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/9796-holiday-joy-boxes-test/
  18. mate, i'm talking about 1 character. main. HAHAHA not the box. i have 3 boxes to farm for 1 and still didn't reach the TOP C. got that?
  19. i can't tell about 3 acc cuz i don't have mate. But you can try create 3 characters level 1 together and do the test.
  20. Bro, i don't use 3 box to tell you But if i would i do the math, kill alone, then kill in 2 then kill in 3 and see how the EXP goes.
  21. Agreed, or they could lock the gift like "you don't get another agathion 7 day if already have one in your inventory". I still think event costumes should be tradeable (i have 3 Suits wtf i'm doing with this too?)
  22. Well mate, i'm from Aden. I can't tell it's DYING but i can tell it's geting more and more frustrated and the the FEELING is that you are playing with only bots in respawns. So you never know if the game is dead or if it's healthy and alive cuz everywhere you go, you find bots. EVERYWHERE! And it gives us (at least me) a emptyness feeling that: 1) I could be ALONE there, would be nice to have the resp for me, but still the server will look like dead. 2) I'm there with the whole region full of characters hunting and stuff but you know that half of that or much more are bots. So i
  23. Number of Party Members Party XP Bonus 2 members 60% 3 members 65% 4 members 70% 5 members 80% 6 members 90% 7 members 100% 8 members 110% 9 members 120%
  24. But there aren't keyboard that does that. i'm sure that are VM's (Virtual Machines) You can emulate a whole computer inside your computer. i've saw that in Black Desert Online that people used to bot there. So it's 2 or more computers at once in a single machine (of course, you need a High Quality and Monster PC) but yes, You can do it easily So you open 3 box + 3 box on virtual machine and if you can (your pc runs) you get + 3 box at another virtual machine. or a notebook for those. I'm Just sad that EVERYWHERE I GO there is bot there, i never fou
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