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  1. The only thing that will save live servers is if they fix adena/spoil rates at actually rates u cant even buy gear. There is no event that can save that u cant fight without a good weap/gear just look this event is just for the top ones
  2. Dude in the last 3 days i got 3 weapons (cestus/hunting bow/great spear) also got divine pants shirt (plus i craft leather helmet all mats from spoil/floor) + 500k from mats/recs and other stuff i sold so i think rates are good u just chose the wrong places to hunt. If u know how to use an spoiler u should be making at least 500k evry 3 days or more. By the way im not even VIP just normal player doing hunt 4 to 6 hrs daily. (but i know how to use a dwarf i ben playing dwarf since 2004 so chose better places) a tip best spoils are green mobs is not best for lvl but if u looking to get drop
  3. from 722 to 633 1 hr and waiting i dont see any changes
  4. You really think we still believe in santa? Cmon stop laying and lagging on our faces server is full thats why queue dosnt move and you know it, the only way someone can log is if other player log out or as before your dam queue disconnect ppl
  5. nice to hear that im in queue since yesterday (1300+) atm 722 its been like 12 hrs already
  6. i recomend u to see The lord of the ring wen u end the saga u maybe will be at 100 in queue
  7. Well i been waiting to log the entire weekend wen i log i just got dc few mins before
  8. well i give up guys see u in a few days. Im so happy this Mont i decide to wait how classic is working before spend on Ncoin
  9. Adena/drop/spoil Exp lost all was fixes but just login problem witch means they fix something that we cant enjoy
  10. Its easy to see there is o way to login atm u see the numbers og queue and at same time look log ppl in http://l2.laby.fr/status/ Queue 400+ numbers only change by 1 or 2 + in web wich means none is login mostly ppl getting dc or bots login
  11. @Juji why dont u log on Ti server ans tart by banning the adena spammers u will make at least 200 to 300 slots in server in just 1 jump to each town
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