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  1. this bug is ridiculous makes no sense for me why i cant just click the target and use /attack.
  2. Hello, me and some other people have the following issue since some weeks and its really really annoying =D so Example: When i fight against 2 monsters and i killed the first one, i use /targetnext or mouseclick to select the second monster as my target. This works as intended. Then i press /attack button. And many times this is working wrong. Instead of just attacking the targeted Monster he switches back to the last target - the dead monster . Then i switch back to the monster that is still alive , press /attack button. and gg. he switches back to dead target again. sometimes this happe
  3. this would mean every player got already 13+ boxes xDDDD ok i can check how many bots are online with that website =D thank u
  4. Can anyone give me answer who knows? Is this https://playl2.eu/ the difference between IP and Online Characters? so we can see difference between real players online and Bots/Boxes? Thank u!
  5. https://playl2.eu/ are those the difference of computer ID and characters online? so we can see bots /boxes and real player difference?
  6. @Qstyle xDDDDD i could show u a nice video of l2 live server with hundreds of bots at one spot. with "more bots than mobs" =D they dont care. but i cant link this here, it will be deleted
  7. @Nastyy didnt u post that some minutes before too ?
  8. lol they are deleting so many posts right now hahahahaha. was 2 times 10 pages. now back to 9
  9. because its easier to get adena for bots =)
  10. @NoStr3ss i bet with u maintenance will be 6 hours instead of 5 ;D
  11. Paradiz i completly agree with u. All big clans have one low lvl charakter next to a raidboss. and if they see some clan going there. they just hit it. GG thats so much fun! But as u can see. They answer u in a nice way. In Other words they tell u: Dont cry and play. We have no clue how to change those things and we wont spend any time for doing this. we just want your money. THE GAME IS DYING AS U CAN SEE ON PLAYER ONLINE STATUS =D GG
  12. live servers are up already. so classic maybe soon ok gg i said nothing
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