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  1. Sadly,i personally left game because of bots. I can stand stupid rates and idiotic mixed chronicle,but when i enter the game and i see tons of bots it just make me in a bad mood and it killed my willing to play,so before start botting myself i left. I mean,there are really few zones where there are some adena to bot,NCsoft really dont care, it would be so easy to fight them if they would. Too bad,hope for u still playing they will do something but i doubt it.
  2. Sorry mate,but if u are not one of the russian that sell adena for job u can be banned. Start to do this as job and u will never got banned!
  3. all the time i made the "boss" of the dungeon on skelth i had nothing. Maybe a couple of times some D grade gem. U have a lot more with just reward from normal dungeon,honestly i would not either waste ss on it
  4. What you ask is not possible. Or better,it would require basicly creating a new game only for this server. What they can do is change the broken value of othell rune,making it less strong. Anyway you should not think that this is for "balance",they could not care less about this,they dont add +15 dyes or (maybe) runes because they will unbalance the game with the p2w item they will add sooner or later,if u use +12 dyes and p2w item probably u wouldo go cap cast speed or u'll have a destro with 10k pw atk
  5. With no runes and only +5 dyes,sorry to tell u guys,but daggers will never be the machine u expect them to be
  6. I played Skelth from start,not all the time but i spent a in total almost 2 years ther,is a better server than this because is P2P as general speaking,but : - there are no players,u will be really alone until u hit high lvls and when u hit them u will find that all the population is around 200/300 ppl,and whatever server is,no ppl = no fun - they had automacro for more than 1 year,that means ppl has broken adena,stuff,lvls.i used that too even if they are a terrible feature,dont wanna lie,i have billions,3 weapons B ++++,armors B +++,mats to craft for all my life,i made 4 chars 76+(2 78+
  7. I dont know why u are so needy and reply to anybody even when nobody is talking to you,frustration is a bad demon,anyway,i suggest u a good braindoctor because you seem confused about what is your idea. And since u are so needy and will answer me forever cos ppl like u is like this,i let u know i will never waste time with u again ,my little kid-forum warrior. bb
  8. So,im not say nothing about how broken are this servers in terms of rates-bugs or the fact that u made the boring L2 grinding even more boring(i was not thinking it was possible),i didnt pay a single dollar (really dont understand why ppl goes on throwing money on this garbage..)and seeing what u gave us as the Classic Server we were waiting with so many expectations i never will. It's a privatelike server (but i played in privates 10 times better than this to be honest) so even if game is broken i accept it since i dont pay,at least until u will definitely kill with some item that u cant av
  9. Man your efforts to give some kind of global economical explanation is remarkable,but the fact is that this is a just a game,an old one,and if u kill rates this game can not survive without a strong wallet. Once spoil is killed,u will never have good stuff in what u call a game free to play,so gl going making loa or high rb with d grade,that means that is not f2p because is not playable. And once u pay,it is not free to play anymore,so why the ppl who payed should accept to have a broken game like the others?From what i read,with VIP 4 doesnt change a lot.
  10. No,it isnt,u will have basicly the same amount of materials that u are gonna have with regular drop with a better DD. U can choose wisely mobs to have some recs to spoil(always struggling for it anyway)and sell them or some unuseful keymats easier to spoil to sell them to the shop,but for me it's not enough to make spoiler worth.
  11. You are either a troll or too simple minded to understand. I try to explain u as simple as i can. Follow the words and take your time : - you made money to buy ng things doing all day the same quests..it's NG things they are worth NOTHING - ppl is in general not complaining about NOW,not using shots or having to trouble to get D grade,it's fine at the start of a server,the point is that if things stay like this u wil never equip your char with something more than what u see in npc shops,if u will ever be able to afford it,(unless u pay some real money obviously)and gl with that in exp
  12. U can think it's ok only if u never played classic or u plan to pay a lot of money. Otherwise,u know that u will never have C or B grade if spoil is next to zero. Why should someone even play dwarf with this rate? It seems to you fine,just hard but fine,now,but if things dont change i want to hear your opinion (or how much u spent to keep game playable) when u will hit higher lvls.
  13. Server is free,i have and always will have VIP 0,so i have nothing to cry,i just want to know if they will adjust the game because if they wont u just cant play a normal game without paying. At lvl 20 u can,at lvl 50/60 u will not,so i want to know it now before wasting my time.
  14. Well if it's like this,game will be totally dependent from shop,how are we supposed to craft C/B in game? Hope to have a more specific answer of what are they gonna do,i dont care of being behind ppl that will p2w,but if i cant play a normal game without paying and stay forever in D grade would be good to know it now to avoid wasting time here.
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