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  1. @Hime just fix the areas where drop/adena i double and the ones wich is less than half ... is it so hard all areas to be equal? Is it so hard to make the global rates of all spots 0.5-7 or what ever u want they to be? Its not normal on 25 level to earn more than my champion 51!!!!!! i earn more money in orc baraks and ant nest (x2) mobs than forest of mirrors (x2) mobs 30 lvl difference. explain me this? U need to remove the boost of low areas (if this is the reason) or boost the higher lvl areas so there can be some escalation in the adena/drop/sp/exp. And for example we are all aware about the LEGIT bots that your company alowes cuz they buy the bot from co-company. If u gona run the same politics as the Rusian classic... save us the waste of time and money! U will tell me that is too hard to ban acc/IP ? u think we are playing from caves and we dont understand that all is on purpos or what? Wake up! I dont want higher drop/adena (just to be clear) i want all areas to be equal due the scaling of the level and the bots to be banned or offy alowed.
  2. @Hime are u joking? I am aware ur not responceble for the issues... BUT DUDE... 1 MONTH... and still cant solve MAIN issues... and u do USSLESS BLACK FRIDAY? what scaling what sh*t? Your company promice us l2 Classic Server... if its free... its other quesiton i dont mind that... stop wasting our time!!! If your team is so bad cant make one simple server 1x 0.8x etc... do we need to start worry? Is it so HARD? Please make lineage 2 greath again... YOUR AND YOURS TEAM/COMPANY INCOME WILL NOT DROP IF U FIX THE DAMN RATES. I got fealing i am being in the middle of some politics and we are the people... always promices so u gan get our trust and always lies after that so u can get our money! Get real... its virtual life for joy and fun we dont mind pay its obvious u cant play if u dont pay Please make at least the game fair... people play to get away from the the allready unfair life. IF NOT AT LEASTE STATE IT!!!! SAY SERVER WILL BE 0.01X AND ALL OF US WILL SHUT UP AND TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT.
  3. Ideas behind lowered adena rates?

  4. hahahaha... when u spoke unprepared your post worth for a mame named "the mos braindeath player of all time" when u reach 50 lvl + like us then u can say your opinion bout the server and the issues we are potiong out. U think is normal mob 67 lvl 2x life to give 400a and i the same time ant warrior for example gives 600a+ ? U tink 0 drop of any part or matterial or ANY adena at all (for doom kngihts) for example is normal? U think in giants cave is normal to have 0 mobs at all? Ur 2 dumb to know about that cuz u spoke before u even played the game. Im sure all of us will stop complaining when the server PROVE US WITH THE ORIGINAL DATA BASE OR THE DATA BASE FOR THIS SERVER. WE WOUD LIKE TO KNOW WHERE WHAT IS THE RATE OF EX/PS/DROP/SPOIL FOR EACH MOB 1-80LVL IF GM STATES DATABASE IN WICH SAYS FOR EXAMPLE : DOOM KNIGHT - NO DROP - NO ADENA AND 1/2 USSUAL EXP ... OK FINE.. BUT WE WILL KNOW ITS NORMAL FOR THIS SERVER CUZ ITS STATED. NON OF US KNOW WHAT EXACPLY IS THE STPOIL / DROP/ ADENA SP/ ON THE SERVER NOT ONLY FOR CERTEN AREA.. CUZ TEH SERVER IS NOT 1 AREA... WE WANT DATABACE LIKE L2WIKI/PMFUN OR WHAT EVER FOR THIS SERVER. I WANT TO KNOW WHERE WHAT TO EXPECT NOT TO GUESS NOT TO LOOK IN RUSSIAN DATABASE AND TO BE ACUSED THAT ITS DIFFERENT SERVER.. I WANT TO KNOW FOR WHAT I PAY TO PLAY! NO MATER FREE OR NOT... I (AND MANY MORE) WOUD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT WE ARE PLAYING (RATES - CUZ UR IDIOT AND WILL SAY LINEAGE 2 CLASSIC)
  5. we all agree about that. but it supposed to be fair as well... i dont think is fair to get the same adena from 10-15 levels differend mob (2x life) while u kill it twices hard (and more expensive cuz the higher gear. I dont think hardcore means suicide or pay to play. Its neeed to be hard but FAIR. and i thik they shoud make someting like l2wiki with the real chances of drop/adena/spoil than NOONE can complain cuz all be cleare and stated. If they say for example in enchanted the adena from runner will be 300-500 ok... but in the same time its obvious that cant make the same adena from warrior ant (20 lvl difference) ... if u get what i mean and hopefully @Hime (sorry for the poor language)
  6. ill not say ainting bout adena and drop... we all know its issue made on purpose. Can u please think of a way to farm more SP? even without exp scroll with 50% exp/sp and vip 4 im MILIONS SP behind... i sugguest a SP quest or like the daly exp daly SP quest i dont mind to be hard but at least to have enough SP for 1/3 of the skills for each level not more... PRETTY PLEASE WITH SPARCLES....
  7. Gosh, from this ''update'' i can see only minuses for ppl 40+.... i can speak only for myself... the biggest problem is SP (dorp rates... sh*t happens.. we knew where we go when we join the game) the free play... dunno who can play wihout pay ... im with vip 4 and again i need to wait weekends 30-1 h to log in... i dont wanna know what the other guyz without vip needs to wait to join and play this free game... Can please the npc store be upgraded... i dont have on what to spend my pots only exp runes...