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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOvZ8EAAimE&feature=youtu.be En serio te lo vas a perder?
  2. CP Melee Aoe española 50+, server Giran, clan Lotus. Busca jugadores activos; BladeDancer, Bishop/Shillen elder y DD preferiblemente Destroyer o Gladiator. (lvl 48 minimo) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGD2CSMCttU&t=231s Imprescindible buen rollo y disfrutar del PvP. Contestar aquí o wisp ingame vitalicio o melcai,
  3. hahaha im sure u never play in C1- C4. This "classic" Lineage2 its, in exp, Really tones and tones easiest than C4, its so easy that is ridiculous. Moreover u can box and have runes and scroll of exp. Its so pathetic they call this game "classic". Im Really pissed off that quest 35+ that gives u 60% of a lvl in less than 20 minutes. This is not "classic" Lineage, this is "casual" lineage. And about adena… im 36 Oracle no vip and have 900k + 900k of some DD friend that give me party = a top D Weapon for the DD. More or less same as C4.
  4. queue is worst that ever. And as a Oracle i have to say STOP fuc king multibox. This is lineage 2 Classic, not wow
  5. So u are telling stop posting and u dont read the posts xDDDD is so dificult to look for a post... 1. No vip = 2 hours till desconexión in shop/fishing… vip 4= no desconexion 2. No vip = no box vip 4 = 2 box... or 1 account vip= 1 box 2 account vip = 2 box please first read the fórum, them open a post... lots of ppl are posting solutions. Dont waste our time.
  6. So u are telling us that all thousands of ppl that are logged are VIP? Because if its true i STFU. We just are asking and propose solutions as I do in a Post, moreover to make developers win more money... Noone has said to expulse Vips to log free players.
  7. noobs everywhere… play solo with a prophet at lvl 50 hahaha play solo with a mague or an archer at lvl 60 w/o buffs hahaha Is so sad to see that new generation, that plays alone in a multiplayer game… is really sad. Is pathetic "i play with my firends" ñi ñi ñi ñi ñi make another ones in game guy… they dont gonna kill u, or violate or whatever the TV said u that other people is gonna do. WAKE UP! The hardcore experience is to wait 3 hours to play a game hahaha. This Lineage 2 Classic is so hard, that is hard until log hahaha
  8. 50 minutes here waiting, i play a DOTA2 game and still 800 queue. Unacceptable. Server RIP. And when i think that there are ppl with 3 accounts playing… my god… heart attack here
  9. 1200 QUEUE Saturday 10:30 am What Will happend on sieges? I left the game. Gms prefer boxing and afk ppl than active players… When ur VIPs at high lvl need healers they wont have. RIP server. bye bye
  10. 1200 queu 10:30 a.m on Saturday. What Will happend in sieges? UNACCEPTABLE I left the game, I return to Dota2 MAKE BOXING ONLY FOR VIPS. MAKE SHOP/FISHING 2HOURS+ ONLY FOR VIP.
  11. i dont tell u how to play. I tell a possible solution to queue. make boxing just for VIP players. Thats all. And u insult me for that… noob, lazy, stupid, etc... i just use u to have "hot" post and GMs see it. i tell u, see u in hell
  12. he minds u and ur 2 boxes or imagine Friends hahaha im no liver because i sell it in a lineage quest xDDDD
  13. nice… they fu.ck the economics of main dwarfs selling mats and SS cheaper. And true, they contribute to the server population… thats the problem, there are a 500 queu at 10 am in laborable day... I dont mind if 3 box are or not are, they dont give me party, they just waste a spot. I feel ALONE if a have no party, i feel HAPPY if my party of real players are alone in a hunting ground and we can do aoe with tones of moobs. I dont need pixels moving to feel not alone, i need people and party.
  14. I didnt say u CANT. I say u dont aport anything to the game. well… u aport queue… there are lots of post about queue and players that cant play because of boxing and left the game. This is for GMs… vip players need ppl active, each player boxing that not pays is 3 players actives that cant aport something to vip players to continue paying and supporting ur Jobs.
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