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  1. i thought 4game was a bad company, but you guys make them look like kids, so many bad decisions, lack of support, incompetence wen it comes to fix the server problems and so on...... pretty soon you guys will have all the servers empty..
  2. there was no adenas fix, the problem is still there, the problem is wen day 14 arrives you will start to pay port's again, and you wont be able to afford them....
  3. Ban on using box ?

    so, bots can play and normal players can't share accounts, looks like a smart thing to do...
  4. the adena/spoil rate should be your focus, because ppl will get bored of not being able to pay for the blessed or soulshot, and then you know what comes next, the nr 2 priority should be the amount of bot's you see ingame, its pathetic and they don't even bother to hide it..
  5. for the game to be hardcore you have to at least play it, not spend 10h on queue
  6. limit the maximum Box to dual box, and stop being greedy about the dolla, you can make the same amount of money (or more) if you keep it fair, this 8h queue is unacceptable....
  7. Hardcore SS using - TEST (SS cost > Adena worth)

    +1, before its to late.
  8. Adena drop very LOW

    the drop rate is way to low, and if they don't fix it soon, they will have an empty house, those who don't complain are spending real money on SS and BSS (like NCSOFT wanted them to). Please balance the drop rate of adenas a bit.