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  1. Teleport when in combat and flag

    You can PK and run w/o any restriction.. nice feature
  2. @Juji @Hime Guys need fix this, need teleport only out of combat... atm is so easy to avoid pvp/death only because you don't have any restriction on teleport.
  3. Why have S-grade items class if you don't have grade penalty anymore? Now can remove NG - D - C and B weapons from game don't need him more, stupid update.
  4. Treasure Chests

    You can use dagger skill to open core doors now
  5. Command Channel

    Need a cc paper and two groups with 2 members at least each, so the leader from group 1 invite leader of group 2 commanda = /channelinvite
  6. Spellbook drop rates

    Player here like to talk about skelth!!! OK now just one info for you, a lot of players farm near a month to drop one death whisper and don't cry at forum.
  7. FIX Dark Elf adena quest?

    @Juji Fix this quest... alot of bots now running scripts on that quest, soon economy will broken
  8. Bot's

    Alot bots running around now @Juji. any action?
  9. All server using a bug on this quest Sweetest Venom from Astaron in Dark Elf village to farm adena, that correct? This quest show 1k adena, but give 3k @Juji .. plz fix that if incorrect.
  10. Disable 3kk XP daily quests for 3 weaks

    when you hit 30 one group who sell that quest for Adena atm, sure hit 50+ easy w/o competition and hard work
  11. Disable 3kk XP daily quests for 3 weaks

    Open you daily/level rewards list, mark all mission check box scroll down and search for "One-day Sspecial hunt ( level 35-50)"
  12. Disable 3kk XP daily quests for 3 weaks

    I talking about daily quest for 35+ who give you 3x 1kk xp scrolls....
  13. A very small number of players got 35+ and start this daily quests... soon this guys w/o equips/farm will got 50+ easy w/o competition and solo/no rmt players only will hit 35-40