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  1. Real issue here

    FFS this is Lineage!! L2P If u like bleep games play GuildWars2
  2. hmmm not any boosts on XP yet
  3. Last Maintenance's Transfers

    @Hime Hi, Hime and ty for yr reply here. The issue is simple. The transfer was made but without 1 Item. Major item!!! The thing is that this item dissappeared also from Naia (transfer was from Naia to Chronos). It's like never existed. Ticket was made to support but still no reply! :'(
  4. i would like to address to GMs, Dev team or to whom it may consern. As i read, prior server's rr, transfers were going to be canceled. OK! The problem is that i had arranged a transfer since last weekend and MY TRANSFER WAS MADE!!! (partially). Items were missing! Item(s) did NOT transfered and are not existing in both servers!!! Ofc i made already a ticket! Still waiting for a reply and i would like an official point of view from some1. What is your plan? When these items are going to be restored? how am i covered that my items ARE going to restored? are item's data exists? Kindly note that this is not a QQ post but i am a bit frustrated since i don't have any reply from Support about how the things are going. I wasn't transfering "stem" so the items are of great value and in game and as a real money spended through L2Store. I don't know if i am the only one with this issue, but an official post/reply to this "mess" would be highly appreciated by the community....i guess!
  5. @Juji as u see the chance of making the "TOP" shirt is highly expensive (chance are very low, compare w/the price of event items). You think is possible to be made buing w/Hero Coins b.ench. scrolls (dragon) and the Dragon stones?
  6. [News] Golden Compass Event

    btw , if u die, u can re-enter to continue where u left!
  7. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Apart from the part of difficulty of the instance for other classes (except dds), I got 120 (60x2) Marks per day. Have u noticed that during the event period the MAX that we can reach is to buy a bracelet and reach it to +7 ONLY??? There is not any chance to make it +10, even if u use yr Hero Coins! Is this calculated to be like that????@Juji
  8. How about transfers? When r they going to open?
  9. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 25, 2018

    even though that is a P2W game and every1 knows that, I guess always there will be some ppl always complaining. Guys accept what you already know and stop QQ. Otherwise quit this game. I can barely find 1 post with no complaints and no comparison to other servers. Sorry, I also don't like some things some times but FFS... forum qqers!
  10. 3rd Program

    Hi all, is it me or my imagination that something is going on w/3rd prgm? I do not accuse any1 or any clan! Is not up 2 me to point fingers, but GMs' job. like to check it? up2u! PS: when i say 3rd pgm i do not mean macros, nostromos etc, i mean "ZRanger" style... /care