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  1. I HOPE THEY bleepING see this once and for all On a side NOTE: WTF, BOT REJOICE!!!!
  2. I will just lvl my 4 toons to lvl 40 make the class change and leave the game until next patch until they fix adena, i can wait.
  3. well, with newer chronicles the drops change, son in a year we mught beable to get decent adena, but there will be no players at all
  4. i might leave eventually but first ive got to play up to 50
  5. This is true, but first fix lvl 40+, but that wont stop bots i guess, bots will be stopped only with active gms
  6. Well some ppl missing the point. Is not About RATES is that the lvl from 55 to 56 requieres like 3 times the exp from 56 to 57. So that is Broken
  7. This should be erified if everyone is getting different exp from table, this table is accurate in all levels but 55? PLease chek or make tickets
  8. This is just an asumption. If you go to MACROS and open a macro to edit it, then go to preset, and HOVER over the presets youl notice russian in there, which means we are running Russian datrabase server with very low rates. Just that THEORY CONSPIRACY TO bleep UP UR DREAMS TONIGHT
  9. I checked this table at elast up to 30, this table is IN MY OPINION bad done. the exp for the next level is in third column of the next lvl you going to have. up to lvl 30 this table is +- 5% accurate
  10. why would i need 3 screens you can resize the l2 window at most 2 is enough I sense irony here.... i mean those are tactics. for me is much simpler if i need it i totally would make my own soft
  11. Buy KVM switch for 2 keyboards. Or un a lineage2 client inside Vbox then you can broadcast ur keyboard to vbox, and not to l2 client
  12. If there is someone with a Shaman Orc about lvl 35-40 i want to ask: Are Ovrelord Buffs working in party? I ask this because In newer chronicles overlord could buff party members too and as this server is skill wise not like original C1, this could work, and also make my Overlord more usefull and easy to get party. (even i know that as party memeber my work is to debuff de bleep out of monsters). Thank you
  13. Well well i have something to say: As per Actions 1:1 to each box this is legal and also undetectable so bleeped up is not baneable. Secondly I play 2 windows and a 3rd afk selling and i do TAB for heals in emergency but my pp do no damage, have 2 monitors so i dont even have to "TAB" As per doing less effort than other players, i guess this guy is a great lawyer because the fact he is posting this here makes him not having advantage, this is now public for everyone to use so the one NOT using it is doing it wrong The only point what you have broken very badly and i guees y
  14. summons do consume more SS with skill lvl ups, and for what i can calculate ss for summons are always more expensive
  15. Argentinian, yes i am, i was trying to help you, don't mad plz
  16. LVL 40 youll get this skill, still 36 adenas per soulshot https://l2wiki.com/classic/Summon_Soulshots_-_Warlock
  17. i dont se ur video of u playing all 3 pcs, seems fake to me
  18. Craft Eminence bow get the best of all It will be your bow up to lvl 60 so take your time
  19. OK man, wanna know what to do? I guess you have a cellphone since u have 3 PC, loog in all ur accounts take pics or make video of how you manage to play 3 pcs and that you acctually have them, post it here. if someone trolls you or even a GM, go and paste a link to the post, the video and the pictures. And after that go and do the bleep you want, so no one can say shiet. If not just quit. If possible Be smarter than making a rant post
  20. If i get banned by mistake i will bleeping go to play EU server and pay to play this is SHIT SERVICE NCWEST!!! PD: I guess everyone knows that is impossible to get rid of bots without making a new game? at this year of the game you should know, also would be more expensive to develop effective bot detection than making another game. Be realistic cant defeat BOTS
  21. Well now we know where all server will be farming from now on it will be a nightmare. INCREASED SPOIL RATE not the amounts of drops, mmmmm today i got 2 suedes
  22. I would also like to know about collecting data, thank you
  23. Just wanna say that you can send single keyboard to many clients, without being detected like in World of Warcraft Multiboxing And should be baneable cause is third party software
  24. Advice: locate bot or bots report ks his kills until they run out of mp farm while they recharge u can pull some mobs aggro and relog by them when recharging Profit. Imagine you have 2 3 bots using his hp and ss seting up kills for u where u lvl thats insane!!!
  25. My two cents: I've been testing exp across levels and up to 30 the exp for leveling is exactly the same as in this table: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Character_Level With simple math i found this table very accurate The experience per mob seems to be lower than the database for Other classic servers but not much About Spoil, all i did was take several mobs and get drop rates from l2dropspoil and pmfun (which are the same values, x1 rates) and take l2 classic wiki value multiplied by 0.6 and with this factor u get same RATE, but quantity is broken up to lvl 3
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