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  1. Triple? More like 50 times more. You have to kill 350 mobs to lose karma after the 1st PK, it's absurd. Back in the day it took several mobs.
  2. PK is not how it was back in the day

    Like I already said. What if someone comes to your spot and steals all your mobs? You can't do a damn thing about that. You PK him and he just comes back and you're screwed because it will take you 2 hours to drop karma, lol.
  3. PK is not how it was back in the day

    Ok so maybe it was 5 mobs, I don't remember so well but it definitely wasn't even close to the absurd amount of 350 mobs, lol. Right now PKing is not worth it even if somebody comes over and KS's every single of your mobs. They might just as well remove it from the game.
  4. So my friend PK'd some guy around his lvl and he got 700 karma and only 2 karma drops for a killed MOB. This is not how it used to be on older chronicles. I remember after your first PK it was enough to kill 1 or 2 MOBS and you lost all karma. The way it is now punishes PK too much and kinda turns L2 into another crappy carebear MMO.