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  1. Banned bot list

    they dont care about BOTS, cuz all of em are VIPs 4, and keep donating.
  2. there are q for vip. I had 3h log in on my vip4 yesterday evening. Left pc 3h running just to check sutpid event gg life
  3. Spoil rates test

    Problem is u cant server is still i beta test phase
  4. They just milking dying cow, what u ppl dont undestand here. It is obvs that they wont listen to the minority on the forum, cuz majority of players are ppl that dont even check forum. To be honest people. Respect urself. They simply lie to ur face, spit on u and tell u its raining.
  5. its not a non sense that is why i refer to l2 xperince u got, cuz i bet u have none
  6. what nonsens? Did u played that game bfore? They will fix it cuz its visible for all and as we can see many ppl just started with l2 here and doesnt know wth is going on. The real problem is noobs will see it and leave the server ( real problem for ncsoft ) that is why they investigate this asap. But lots of ppl still cant see problem wiht adena or spoil so they dont give a fak AND THIS IS THE REAL PROBLEM Here (for us players)
  7. To all those who cry.

    all of em are fine I dont get how so many ppl cant see what NCSOFT is doing here . Its a dying game so they milk a cow untill it dies.
  8. How many dyes can you put?

    +5 is max ATM bugged
  9. its not what im writing about. it oculd be dama*dama or any other TOP DUALS. It matters that ppl can see it, SO THEY HAVE TO FIX IT FAST! Not like adena or spoil problem.
  10. Och yes, inverstigating alrdy, and why it? Cuz its bleeping visible. Its harder to spot adena problem by idiots than sls*sls.
  11. U had boters on in old L2 so they MUST be here. sorry cnat help
  12. Adena tips for noobs?

    LOSERS are still trying to login and play
  13. 20k :?? u mean 3k real ppl and 6k of boxes?
  14. Mate i been playin on dis server since delayed start at night, I dinged 40 and left :). Cash grab is the name of the server. Dont waste ur time, they wont fix unless there are thousnd threads on forum, and even if they do change the rates, u cant be 100% sure they wont ninja it back to old rates. It was hard for me to quit, Im a hardcore gamer but I cant stand that they spit in my face and tell me its raining. WE PPL OF THE SERVER HAVE POWER HERE, BUT PLAYERS ARE NEVER UNITED so NCSOFT just gna abuse it as much as they can.
  15. Enlighten Us

    Just quit the serve alrdy ppl just log off and see how things get fixed very fast. Its F2P model so we are product. THEY NEED US, SO EITHER WE SHOW EM OUR POWER OR THEY KEEP U MILKIN. I left alrdy and I hope more ppl with start to think.