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  1. Are Crafters and Spoilers useful and needed?

    So 150 views and nobody really knows?
  2. Lineage2.com had semi-useful online resource, now the site is replaced with this basically on giant advert with no useful info besides how to buy stuff. L2wiki is utterly useless. all the search results return old boards.lineage2.com pages and are dead nginx error 500 pages. Is nobody documenting this game?
  3. Are crafters needed for end game? or everything is shop and bought. Can someone experienced give few points why is it worth leveling a Crafter toon? Is it a worthy return on investment on Chronos? thanks in advance.
  4. This game is a joke

    I have a creeping suspicion they don't really know the game inside out and they just poke around. Korea doesn't want to dedicate people for NA and these people don't know how to fix it.
  5. 1000 Soulshots are 60 ncoin and 1000 Bspiritshots are 300 Ncoin. thats way too much for no grade sps.
  6. You are completely misguided, "super fast xp" is a lie. they did the curved progression not linear. you get to 20 really easy wooo hoo and then it starts to progressively degrade. Just to give you idea exact numbers with XP. It will take you 6.5 times more XP to hit level 70 than on original Lineage 2. To put it another words - you could had made 6.5 level 70 characters in original L2 with the XP required to make one here. also it took on average 2 years of daily play to get level 70 character on original L2. which means it will take you 6.5 more time aka 14 years to hit 70. I can't wrap my mind around people saying XP is good, just give us adena. I dno't have 14 years for L2, do you? we're probably going to have full VR mmorpgs with oculus by the time you hit 60 in this point and click classic.
  7. Just ask to be allowed to servers. no need to drag politics.
  8. you definitely want a political discussion, you even made the letters bold. you sound like propaganda news channel. we come here to play. Ukraine blocked you from accessing big bad wolf russian servers that you were going to use but now asince you can't its they are bad and I demand US servers coz russian aggression. gtfo.
  9. Issues Status Update - 10.9.2018

    Really? It will take you 14 years to hit one character to lvl 70 with current xp curve. That's if they restoire drop to 1. If not then even longer
  10. I was agreeing with you... and buffs are meaningless in that grand scheme with adena and xp rates you're just slightly offsetting the wall you're gonna hit anyway
  11. This is amazing that people STILL DON'T GET IT, that regardless how much money they drop in L2store it doesn't fix the adena issue. Scrolls and buffs are meaningless if you can't progress. Adena drop rates are average 0.3 and XP is 7 times (you read it right everybody) 7 times more needed to hit 70. (half a billion in original l2 and 3.5 billion in current "classic"), you could level 7 characters of level 70 in l2 original vs 1 character in this classic to 70. (in case some people STlLL can't do math) It took 2 years on average in orig l2 to make lvl 70 char. in this classic it will take 14 years. <- this calculation uis with x1 adena. with 0.30 adena rate which will make it even worse. who has 20 years to drop in this game lol.
  12. Just a note to @Juji and everyone else, PLEASE announce drop rates and xp rates specifically. We want to play Original L2. WE CAN COMPARE THE FIX WITH REAL DROP RATES
  13. Very important variable: It takes about half a billion (500 million approx) XP to reach 70 on Original L2 classic (and on EU classic same) but here on NA classic you need approx 3.5 billion XP to reach 70. So 7 TIMES HARDER TO HIT 70 HERE WITH 0.25 ADENA DROP. Good luck.!!!
  14. Even that's not accurate because there is nothing you can buy in the L2store that will give you more adena. cosmetic hat and mediocre buffs and xp boosts thats it. adena drops and quest rewards remain the same regardless of how much money you're willing to pour in.