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  1. So here's what I think after reading you all... 1- They are truly selling adena on l2 store (with pk scrool). 2- I got no problem for them to make money with pk scrool AS LONG as they are not traedable. 3- Selling adena in game is forbiden. I don't see why NCSOFT should claim it legal for itself. 4- It will certainly affect the market for some richest people. 5- I think an in game GM could make a huge difference about banning those adena seller.(other topic) 6- At least I saw they are only buyable for a LIMITED time. Thank god. 7-I love the game and that's w
  2. So nvm guys, don't answer this topic, no point. Devoid saying it's gonna be shitty w/e we do. Thank you for opening my eyes devoid i'll quit
  3. you'r saying I should expect a shitty game ?
  4. Hey guys, To be honest I don'T get it. Adding pk scrool is a strange decison. How about reworked the pk system like it was in C3-C4 for exemple ? Just asking... ... ... But anyway that's not even my point for this topic. HOW THE HELL could pk scrool be tradeable from player to player. I mean This is getting pay to win for sure. You can buy unlimited pk scrool and sell them so you stuff urself without even playing the game. I mean am I alone to consider this is ridiculous ?
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