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  1. Farm spot for ES at 52?

    I just hit 52 on my summoner and I'm curious about a good exp/adena ratio spot. I have karmian set and goat staff +5. Is it the time where I should switch to melee and use beast SS?
  2. Mage 37 farm spot?

    Currently where is the best farm spot for a mage 37 with +5 top D wep?
  3. Spoil guide?

    Reroll, no point in playing a spoiler with any decent dd class after 40 you will make the same amount of mats from drop. I tried spoiling Windsus for sop (l2wiki rates say 10% and yes I know we have different rates) for 6h and I got just one sop. Later on the next day I decided I was unlucky and tried again 5h - 0 sop. A friend of mine was spoiling DV for yaksa parts for 10h - just 1 piece. Vip increases everything but adena and spoil, so again no point in playing as spoiler. People were complaining about spoil rates and then started with adena rates after 40+. Then every1 forgot about the spoil, which for me is the biggest problem currently since it is broken. I had a shaman box with my spoiler, now instead of a WC and a spoiler main I have an OL main with no box. You can make decent adena from spoiling varnish from succubus then plains of dion or OB for coal, but that's it until ~37, then your spoiler is useless since you can't get materials and you exp slower, go for DD + buffer box or mage and SE.
  4. Overlord newbie advice

    Hello I am currently going for an Overlord main but I was wondering what would be the suggestion for C armor given I play solo or with a tyrant friend. We have spoiler and pp box. I was wondering if I should go for karmian or hvy armor. If heavy should I aim for full plate straight or I should go for the top in the luxary shop?
  5. WTB Bonebreaker

  6. WTB Bonebreaker

    pm Roach or mail
  7. Spoiling at 28 lvl

    Where do you guys spoil at 28 lvl with those rates?
  8. Cannot purchase NCoins

    I can no longer see my ticket and the issue is not resolved - #22270526
  9. Cannot purchase NCoins

    Hello I've been trying to purchase launch pack since week now and I always get the same results when i fill the form with my card information - "Unfortunately an error has occurred. Please try again later!" I know you have many tickets, I've filled one but I can't wait more to get response since I have 3 days to buy the Launch Pack. I purchased 400NCoin on 14 with this acc somehow got refunded after that without event wanting a refund and now I cannot purchase any NCoins at all on both my accounts - Request #22270526