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  1. [News] Pumpkinface Curse or Candy Event

    Thank you, very nice event, really love it, although no luck with my pumpkins, only candy so far

    I never once insulted you, you are a really strange man! Anyways, I do not care about shield/staff situation at all, since I do not play mages. But if you would have played, as you state above, from times of Prelude, you would know that 85% of mage population were using DC robes set with shield + SoM acumen for PvP until like Interlude update, just sayin'

    You have definitely never played this game on official servers from c1-Kamael before, but I excuse you your ignorance.
  4. Ncoins Transfer


    The loss of m.atk? You are funny! There is like 15 m.atk difference on A grade sword vs staff, a lot less in lower grades, the loss is almost non-existant for those levels
  6. Butterfly headpin please!!!
  7. Best weapon for a Swordsinger??

    I mean, in PvE, you can still main-tank, for archer or dagger party, so its more efficient to go with sword (for crit) + shield, than 2h sword, no?
  8. Dark Avenger in mass PvP?

    Bad, since enemies will kill all your other mates and ignore you completely, till you are last man standing, and afterwards they will just make fun of you

    With sword you can equip shield as well, with staff you cant. Shield can help you in PvP a little bit, against archers, staff however has higher m.atk so it better performs in PvE.
  10. Best weapon for a Swordsinger??

    Why not 1h sword (+shield) then? It has better crit chance than blunt by default...
  11. Ncoins Transfer

    I want to know this one too??
  12. Constant DC even with VIP

    Same here, after the last maintenance, before it was fine!
  13. EE no Clarity?

    Is it true, than Elven Elders dont get Clarity skill on Classic servers?
  14. @JujiWhy is it so hard to answer question if you will open new server or not?
  15. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Any hope on opening one more server?
  16. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    We do need new servers, some will leave, some will stay (just like with Aden server), and in overall everything will balance out!
  17. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Bought 4 VIP1 accounts but I guess Im out if they dont open new server (hopefully GMT+), as these queues are impossible, even after "fix" Sad, I really, really wanted to play Lineage2 Classic (at least until they move past Interlude update and introduce Kamaels again)
  18. Vip / NCoins problem

    You have to wait max 12h.
  19. Yesterday, logged in with ~850 queue, after 10h of waiting was in 297 spot, then I went to sleep and logged out. Today, logged in with 1000 in queue, after 4h of waiting 720 in queue. So its pretty fked!
  20. SS prices

    Which vendor sells D crystals for 292???
  21. Golden treasure chests.

    I sold few for 1k adena
  22. Necro

    Necro is overpowered and levels faster than all of the mages. Only downside is, its not cheap, you eill have to buy cursed bones all the time, or balance between life and death on CDL skill, ehich is pretty hard.
  23. help to pick a class

    Definitely gladiator or orc
  24. SS prices

    Server - Talkin Island, and towns - Gludin, Gludio, Dion, Giran so far