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  1. Why does not exist the grade penality like the old game before? We often see somebody who are LVL 20-30 wearing B grade over enchant weapon and clothes.... they feel strong and they are stronger in pvp because of the avantage and sometimes only because of this... maybe you could re-implante the grade penality for a better gameplay. LVL 20-40 you MUST wear maximum D grade !! LVL 40-52 you MUST wear maximum C grade !! LVL 52-61 you MUST wear maximum B grade !! ..... Thank you to read me
  2. Just an idea... It could be interesting to have de capacity to move one perso from a server 'Naia" to a server "Giran" Wath do you think about this idea?
  3. Berdher

    DC QUEUE!!

    I don't beleve that it could happen to you... If you don't fix the problem you're going too lose poeple !!!! No one want to wait so long to play a game. DO SOMETHING !!! IT'S IMPORTANT !!
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