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  1. Next Target not working

    is next target not working for anyone else?
  2. Are weapon skills attack speed or casting speed?
  3. TargetNext not working

  4. TargetNext not working

    When i select target next nothing happens. Is this working as intended?
  5. [POLL] Create P2P server

    A p2p server would be great. Seems to me there's plenty of population for it. Im fine with the current f2p build but in a year or more it might not be the same game. When population drops they might be forced to change the cash shop. Id rather have a real lineage 2 server
  6. Kinda lost in the Adena void

    Do noobie gold quests
  7. This makes it so that you only use soulshot/spiritshot when you want to. Put your soulshot/spiritshot on hotbar 4 slot 1. Change the skill name to the one you want to use soulshots/spiritshots with. /useshortcut 4 1 /useskill Mortal Blow
  8. I like this server and i want to see it do well. I suggest before there is some buy to win item in the store, add some kind of optional subscription. It could consist of %20 xp and no login queue. Things that will keep the server going and not break the game.