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  1. Bot's and Multibox

    Its not automization.
  2. Bot's and Multibox

    word. But it makes the boo hoo bandits like barrel here emotional enough to cast suspicions on legit players instead of just playing the game.
  3. Interesting Fact about Karma

    Very interesting news man. Thanks for adding. I did not know. Dont oay attention to abyone that claims to know everything on the internet. Good post.
  4. Bot's and Multibox

    to busy playing to be even worried about another persons game thats not botting. I dont need the game to conform to my emotions. Just give me the best level playing field without p2win junk in the shops and Im good.
  5. Bot's and Multibox

    Amen brother. Noones refunding you cause its perfectly legit. Im not gonna sit around waiting for one these guys tissue boxes to run out, the tears to stop and a whole life of being breast fed that their opinions are unique snowflakes of blessings to come and heal my group. I like to play the game, not the forums. Every game I play theres 5 or 6 whiney little babies whining cause they cant just focus on their own game.
  6. Bot's and Multibox

    You do realize built i game macros when pressed and not looped looks like this right? for example; /target Username /assist /attack /use skill name This is a macronI use in party withnother players that makes me move very "bot" like. It allows me to efficiently assist my group target'er. Are you guys incapable of doing this yourself? There is no violatio. of the TOS. Stop worrying about other people. They can detect and they are actively banning bots.
  7. Dual boxing - Hotkeynet tool

    I know. In a world of non-sense, I appreciate the sense you make.
  8. Dual boxing - Hotkeynet tool

    Thank you sir. That was a great breakdown. I do not wish to automate any oart of the game. My inquiry is soley tonmake sure I am operating in the confines of what is allowable. We invest and money into this game and Indont want it taken away by a mistake or misunderstanding. @Hime
  9. Dual boxing - Hotkeynet tool

    Why doesn't NcSoft answer? I just want to protect my game from their blanket bans. I'm not a bad person, I'm simply requesting clarification.
  10. Dual boxing - Hotkeynet tool

    @Juji@Hime Really no answer?
  11. Dual boxing - Hotkeynet tool

    Can we get an answer?
  12. @Hime@Juji Is hotkeynet an allowable program? it just keeps both windows active for dual boxing, it does not automate nor loop, it does not allow afk play.
  13. This feature is really making new customers want to play! Keep it up ncsoft!
  14. Issues Status Update - 10.8.2018

    day 4 of not being able to log in. Its funny how I have no trust that what they're telling us is the truth. Something happened on Saturday and it was like a switch. Also why no boot the fishers for now?