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  1. Destro - You got you frenzy and zealot which can make you really valuable for rb party, also for pvp. Other than that destroyers are pretty unwanted. Most of the guys prefer to have Archer / mage for DD ...and to lvl up solo with destro is kina hard... Tyrants - meh... you can solo , you can be in party cuz u actually deal some dmg... other than that ... its just an average class like Daggers ...or gladi or anything else that is not BOW / Buffer / Mage (tyrant is my favorite class) Thats what i think.
  2. So you want to say that if you dont have about 10 - 16 hours a day to spend grinding it's not worth playing ? So basically everyone whos working shouldn't even start the game... I think you are wrong...
  3. I am not sure about this. Dont you think that it will be harder to 'bot' if you are limited to only 1 acc per pc ? Also wont this solve some of the queue problems ? Also also I think this will make support classes more useful and enjoyable to main.
  4. You guys are right.. My bad. They should increase it. You need PP/SwS/Bd/spoiler/crafter/ wc for cov and vampiric / se for empower / tank / and your main . so 9 in total max party is 9 coincidence? I think not.
  5. I feel sorry for you.. You cant even explain yourself. Isn't the point of the game to have different classes ? Also just for info my adena at the moment is about 130k also i got my D grade weapon . Act like a human being, you dont have to be mean to everyone. Thanks.
  6. You see the irony... Read what you've just said slowly. SOLO... If you want buff theres always a buffer looking for party..
  7. Isn't the point of the game to play together, and not to log in tank, dd and buffer just by yourself ? Can @Hime and @Juji make it so we get only 1 account per pc? This will fix the log in queue and will make the game group /party/ based. Share your opinion. Thanks.
  8. Well you can farm without any SS... You dont need to be in a party.. It just depend onhow an what you play ... Ofc tyrant will farm faster than SwS... But SWS will find it easier when it comes.to going in groups..
  9. Dont use SS from lvl 1 to lvl 20. Use them smart. If you are 9 ppl party you dont have to spend a single shot... its just not worth it.
  10. So ... you've paid, you got what you've paid for... and after the 5th day you quit... well I mean ... yeah ^^ thats the spirit now go buy battle field and ask for refund .. or FIFA ? just buy something from the store and ask for refund
  11. 30 IQ ... some mobs give 200 exp and 100 gold other gives 1000 exp and 0-30 gold ... plZ think before you type something..
  12. If they make the shots 2 adena they will lose their value so will the adena.
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