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  1. Take it from me as a player that play since c3 - yes u can progress Im doing it my main and buffer are all in full C grade. You just need to have the knowledge to play l2 because this classic is not like any other server u'll find out there. If u not smart or dont have the knowledge for l2 and u doing steps wrong u will fail and eventually u going to leave this game like all the cry babies I see making topics that they leave so yeah u can u just need to be smart and take the right steps. Have in mind that this is not easy game and thats why so many people like to play it because some of us act
  2. He himself did not get anything but he dont care - yet he makes a new topic about it - seems u care bro big time too! I mean how many cry threads we going to get I swear I never seen so many people cry about a server before..
  3. this guy play from c4 and he just realize he still a noob take it easy on him its a big hit for him give the guy some time to come back to himself.
  4. Potato u cant login cuz of the 3428957329 bots running around in every server. Its not the real players fault. You are just another cryer in this forum.
  5. Every time I see a post someone got banned it means NCSoft doing their job. It makes me feel good! Yes keep ban these bots. People think if they buy NCoins they safe - guess what I told u this before: buying Ncoins does not mean ur allowed to bot! Pack ur things and get banned see ya later aligator!
  6. +1 for the live GM I actually said the same thing on my previous post.. Its the only thing that could actually save the server
  7. I said that this will happen and more and more people will follow this guy untill the server become only with bots and 0 real players. Is it so hard for the people that run the game to hire a hacker or programmer so they could place a real defensive system against 3rd program users so players could enjoy this game and probably ncsoft could only benefits from that because people would be actually willing to spend bucks on a server without bots. So far it is clear that XIGNCODE doesnt do much to stop them.
  8. U should aim to rerol since spoil doesnt work
  9. The reality is that they spamming every city right now and every farm,leveling zone is taken by a lot of bots running around take every single monster so thats a serious issue for legit players... If GMs wont do anything about it I give servers max 1-2 months then its going to be only the bots running around
  10. The title speaks of itself and what this topic is all about. We need a live GM to handle the bot situation because it is getting out of hand. If u dont take care of your server soon its going to be a dead one.
  11. Okay first of all bots are real issue causing lags and queue and even disconnects from game. My personal suggestion is to start ban bots by IP this way they wont be able to just create a new account and put more bots in game. Also a live GM running invinsible and checking things and zones would be great. The other thing is the adena - you cant keep running this game if 40 -50 lvl monsters drop the same amount of adena like 20 lvl monsters. This needs to be fixed... I think thats all that this game needs right now these are the main issues. You are allowed to comment agree or disagree
  12. when a normal classic opened like 4-5 years back on some other server I was grinding hard with mana dagger (low D grade) till I hit 46 lvl and sometimes with no shots too. So u see its absolutely normal...
  13. By the time I did 21 level I am with 24k adena on me and I cant even afford my spellbooks in gludio grocery to learn my skills....concetration spell book 13k ,recharge spellbook 26k ect ect... I dont think it should be like that books should cost like 800 adena judging by the adena drops....
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