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  1. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/5546-open-new-server-gtm-3/?tab=comments#comment-44605
  2. No one talks about IT being onebox, just open a new server onebox ... or what? do you also want to play multiple boxes at all? What do you have against those who want to play the game properly?
  3. Finally, after 14 and a half hours I finish the queue !!! And I was in the bathroom so ... yes ... "the client will close ..."
  4. Maybe if they open a new server oneBox GMT -3 ?
  5. Hi, I gave in to these scammers and decided to buy NCoins to get VIP access. The main problem is that in order to spend these coins and get the "VIP level" I must access the game, but to access the game I must make the queue of 1400 players. OK no problem. This morning, at 8am, leave the client waiting in a queue of 1400 people. At this moment, 12 hours later ... there are still 90 players left. Is this a joke or just another scam?
  6. The problem is that to become a VIP, you not only have to buy the coins for the page, you can also enter the game to buy items from there with the coins, so now we are in it, I can not login because I'm not VIP , they sell me the coins and I can not use them because I am not VIP and I can not login, they are the kings of irony.
  7. Yeah, but is not one box and the GTM is very different. I dont understand why you dont want they open one box server for no VIP?
  8. It is only a possible solution. I understand that it is nothing more than a business to generate money. And also that you are not interested in anyone but those who pay. But with publishing an idea, nothing is lost. And on the other hand, if I pay an access, I would also like to play a one box server.
  9. Maybe it would be a good idea for both NCSOF and users who can not enter. Open a server with only one box. Some claim that the problem is the multibox... Others claim that they paid to use multibox ... Possible solution: Open a new server with only one box What do you think?
  10. They will not remove the multibox just because they know that people do not want to play the game, and this is what gives them money. So relax, it's unlikely that they will. But do not say that Lineage2 is played like this, the fact that they do not know how to play it properly does not mean that cheating is knowing how to play it. Later they will ask for bots because killing mobs takes a long time ...
  11. 3 boxes make money, for the company is better a person who pays 3 boxes to play than a person who pays none On the other hand, I think the game is ruined by allowing multibox. Eventually there will only be those who pay to increase their level and those who want to enjoy the game in its fullness will go elsewhere.
  12. I agree, but it limits the rudeness ...
  13. jajaja, in spanish we have the phrase "el que calla otorga"... the translation would be ... "silence is consent"
  14. That is the game mode in easy servers. Clearly you have never played in a difficult server (since you get frustrated easily as you said). If you do not have a buffbox, you would be more open to dealing with more people who are not in your clan and the role of the buffer would be more requested. And I laugh at your concept that a buffer only "gives buff 20 minutes". I honestly regret that people believe that you can only have fun with a pure character damage. As I said in the previous quote ... "If you want an easy game, go to an easy server."
  15. it's a joke? increase the time, "from 5 seconds to 20" is not a big deal.
  16. Check this thread, please post. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/4137-solution-for-queue-log/?tab=comments#comment-32928
  17. Man, it's a role play. You're supposed to take the role of your character. Make partys, create clans with real people ... The game itself loses its meaning, half of the classes lose value if all the players are DD and have 2 buffboxes. There are many servers with the "easy" mode ... go there. "Ohh, the game is difficult, please make it easier" ... play the game as it is or go to another server. And if you think it's always been like this ... you must know the game for a short time ...
  18. After waiting for 700 players in the queue, the game always closes when the queue ends > _> In the end, this is a business. NcSoft wants money, no matter the fair game.
  19. After waiting for 700 players in the queue, the game always closes when the queue ends > _>
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