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  1. banned for real no reason

    I respect your opinion but i assure you that WE never botted !!!
  2. banned for real no reason

    How they investigated? I am telling that we never use bot programms. We play this game since 2004. They banned him for botting. We never botted, soooo they didn't investigate. That's what i am trying to tell!
  3. It was almost a month before, my brothers char was banned. They told us that it was for botting. It's a horrible mistake and after a lot of e-mails, they told us that the ban will remain. Anybody has faced the same situation? I mean, it's unfair banning legit players while bots in "Sea of Spores" for example farming spellbooks and selling them 8kk. We know exactly why he got banned and it was not for botting. He ruinned a Raid boss fight becouse the previous day 2 parties ruinned our xp. Obviously the whole raid force repported him and i believe the GMs didn't investigated more the issue. At least tell us the REAL reason for ban. This forum it's our last chance to find a solution! Please if there is anyone from the "GM" team i reccomend you to investigate this issue further. If you check the logs etc etc and you find that it was botting, you can ban all the party!