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  1. VIP 4 QUEUE

    Dear fake news, we are talking about TI server here, hot Giran or Aden. So... try TI and will know. VIP IN QUEUE!!!!VIP IN QUEUE!!!!VIP IN QUEUE!!!!VIP IN QUEUE!!!!VIP IN QUEUE!!!!
  2. Please read this

    hide your chat or dont read it. I like it
  3. I'm VIP and Im in a 200 players queue... dude... wtf
  4. VIP 4 QUEUE

    WTF!!! Im VIP and im in queue too!!!
  5. please admin read !!

    * admin read (you didnt ask for reply)
  6. Bugged XP farm zones

    Man, drop/spoil/exp is set to 0,25. A moonstone panther should drop 100-190 adenas, barely get 30-55.