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  1. Unable to login past...

    stuck on server select screen
  2. Stuck in server select screen

    This is the 3rd time that I'cant log in and waste another day, please fix Stuck in server select screen
  3. Error: PGC1801- You cant even buy NC Coins

    I was able to buy now more than 7hrs and no coins yet, submitting form after 12 hrs
  4. Hey NC SOFT fix all this yo, what yall got? 10 employees? get it together, It's Annoying already Edit. Google Chrome An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again. Error: PGC1801
  5. Round shield bugged?

    OK I got an Answer online thanks, Been a minute haha The P.Def of your shield isn't added to the amount of P.Def in your status window because the shield's P.Def only applies when the text message: "Shield defense succeeded" appears when you are attacked. say you have 500 P.Def, and u're using a Kite Shield (142 P.Def) when u're fighting and no msg appears, your P.Def is 500, but if the msg "Shield defense succeeded" your P.Def will be 642 for the next hit you'll receive. If you're using a Dynasty Shield (321 P.Def) your P.Def will be 821 when this msg appears, if not, it'll still be 500.
  6. Round shield bugged?

    I took hits with and without and the damage received was the same. Im a Elven Knight
  7. Round shield bugged?

    I bought the round shield and when I put it on it doesnt affect my stats, even tried taking hits with and without can someone confirm?
  8. *I'll be waiting cuz the struggle is REAL*