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  1. Losing 20%+ upon death

    So you lose 20% if you just leveled compared to losing 10% if you havent just leveled ? Seems very weird. I bet we all get some xp scroll for this mishap which is nice but honestly I want this just to be fixed so I stop wasting my time lmao the dev's need to fix these problems asap this is crazy..
  2. Losing 20%+ upon death

    Hello all, the past day I have been losing 20%+ upon death. I have died 3 times and lost 20% all 3 times making me lose basically a whole level.. thought it was supposed to be 4%.. before yesterday I was losing 10%. Wtf
  3. any answer about exp lost in dead?

    I pvpd today and lost 21% and i died from mob today and lost 18% ??? i thoguht it was 4 ??
  4. What factors into XP loss ?

    I heard it was 4% but i've def been losing more than that. I pvp'd today and lost 21%, then i died from mob and lost 18%. I am lvl 21- well now 20 and was wondering what factors into this huge % loss??