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  1. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk This is a really bad joke. Every 10 comments, 8 are complaining... about the other 2. 1 one then are adena sellers that will try to fool developers "hey, its okay, we don't want inflation(as they don't want to farm billions of adena for 1 dollar with lvl 20 bots)", a place where lvl 20-30 are the best farms are the best scenarios for bots... they won't survive if the money makers were 60+... but NC lack of aknowledge of the game (they really don't play it). The other one, are a member of a CP, that player like 6-18 hours a day... probably from a clan that organize bosses, get equips and sell then on facebook for real money (I see many of then... they are selling adena for like 14 years... they love those rates). But as NC knows, it would be a pain to adjust adena from every monster of the game, they could do a wipe server to restart it correctly or... the easy option, let it broken forever, players will adapt, they are nerds that love challenges and hardcore... They really don't know that this game is outdated, most games have better graphicals, they have constant updates, that fix the things (not just add chronices)... When they created this game, the top game you would play on a mobile would be that snake game... now, there are dozens of FREE GAMES with a really better graphics than this, there are more updates, you are reward for anything you do, even for PvP you gain exp, money and itens... but here... PvP is pain, you lose ss, you lose exp and equips? hahaha... not going to happen... Its more rewarding to play those new games, no one wants to play a full hardcore that you need to play 18h a day and will be massacred by someone that buy a fully overenchanted site with real money... that game is a joke... me and my clan will quit after that message created by Gods "Oh, that's okay that a lvl 30 mob gives more adena than a lvl 50, we won't change that, it is WORKING AS EXPECTED, it should be VERY HARD as you don't pay and you should be HAPPY to play for free that OUTDATED GAME, with poor graphics, poor performance, lack of PvP and the less rewarding Lineage 2 server that ever existed... NC... you should sell that server to someone more competent... but its too late, all the servers started the dying process, most people had their friends quit, they uninstalled and they will quit too, as the only happy players could have on this game was play with friends... No one will be happy to kill lvl 50 mobs, with 30 hits from his top no grade sword without shots to won less adena than a lvl 20 bot could won with a single hit from his no grade bow on a spider... Good luck to the players that will keep trying and will dive with this ship... its your last change to have a life, find a job and a girl...
  2. I do agree to increase. It won't keep players to have 15k fishing... (probably fishing as reworked this way to keep people on line more time so other people would'nt knew the server is DEAD, a ghost), but now, the fishing are the server main problem. But extend that to 20k... when fishes start being sold for 1 adena, they will stop fishing.
  3. There's a company called Amazon. They started with books, but they rent servers...you can rent a server and if you need more storage, you can add it in a single click, want more memory? Single click... Want more processors, more threads, you can rent it all according to your needs... need to decrease? Very easy too. So they can't argue that they don't have a good server or that its hard to increase server capacity... They should increase server limit to 30k... and put some full time GMs to ban bots/adena sellers. They can even put some programmers to check the event log, they just need to run a script to search all players that had said adena seller sites names/links. They can find bots by analysing some common patters (party, full time on, full time hitting, no consumables used, no scapes, a lot of macros, hitting mobs that gave poor exp and so on. Its a really lack of skill the whole company show, it's like if you ask your grandma to run a IT gaming company... that's insane... seens like a bad joke.
  4. to Brazilians who try to play

    huehuehuehuheuhuehuehuehue, what a joke
  5. And it's so damn good that feels like real.
  6. At least 3 times at random times or bots will be ready to log in at the first minute.
  7. 80% of Talking Island population ATM

    Thats very stupid. Like if the game needs to be a **** and unplayable just because there is "a lot" of people wanting to play. No, this game is almost dead... it has what? 20k on line? Any new game has a lot more than that... even new mobile games has a lot more players than that... and they are new, they created the game with few resourse... this game is going to its second decade, it should had improved a lot. Take a look at "DotA", it was just a mod map, now it has millions of players, it pay millions on "The International", and it is a truly "trulyfree" experience. You can't buy EXP, can't buy pvp damage/reduction and they make millions, they don't sell "premium slots" and they don't have "full server, wait 12 hours on the queue"... this game is a decade older than DotA 2, it was the premium game of that time... it's a shame that it's smaller than DotA, LoL, WoW and etc.
  8. Queue 1700... I'm fine.

    Well, I am seeing dozens of playes quit from foruns (that means hundred/thousand on the game). But bots are 24/7... the afk fisher the same. Great NC, you are exchanging real players (that are able to pay for the game quit) to have more bots/fisher that won't pay never.
  9. Almost 2 weeks of incompetence...

    I never had so much problems on private servers as I had on those "retail Lineage". When I had never played the official I thought "it should be very better on official" and after I had played I say "the privates were so good".
  10. I agree. All the trade should be done from auction houses. We have like 1k of people lagging all the towns for what? Some STUPID players trying to sell no grade arrows for 150 thousands adena each... some people trying to buy mats for 1 adena... people trying to sell store itens at a increased price. People trying to sell Stem for 40k saying its a bow part... it's stupid, most of the stores. Let just players with private workshops... they are few and they use their mp for creating. But mats, it should be auction, you have a list of prices/quantities people want to sell/buy, with the best prices at the front, so people will be able to find the best prices in some seconds instead of some hours and the lag will be reduced, the on line players too. Also, increase the players limit... the bots will always be on line 24/7, limiting the real players will never help anything. If hunting zones become full, just decrease respaw times. People will always find a place to level up, will find a way to make the bots be killed (like stunning then and letting the mobs finish then).
  11. Feature: The Master of Queue.

    I was 750 - 9 hours ago. On this rate I will need more than 12 hours. You had the double than me... put something like 24 hours... find another game or go out, you won't play today. After 15 years the servers can't have 6k on... it's totally a joke, a bad one. This game won't exist too much, lack of competence is a great factor, who don't update won't exist in the future. As the players are always required to level up, the game should do the same, to stay competitive.
  12. This all is stupid. We don't have a inflation problem, we make less money than we need to play, we are not getting rich, so the inflation will never happen. What will happen? We have like 5k players... many with dual boxes (so thats why he are always full). People are strugging on lvl 20-22 without dmg to level up... they can't buy weapon, can't buy armors, can't buy soul shots and they can't even level up as they eventually die, as they can't kill 2 mobs at once if they attack... if a mob respaw near you and attack you with range attacks, you will die (don't came saying "ah you need a 9 ppl party", this is not the reality for most of the players). What will happen? Trust me, people that play this game are old, 30+... they don't have time to lvl up and farm 6h a day anymore, they have family, job and kids. Young people won't play this game, its not famous, its not noob friendly, the graphics were great almost 2 decades ago, but it is stuck in time... the PvP are less frequent than any game and theres no reward for PvP (like any new game), there is just a penalty... that doesn't make players happy. Unhappy players quit... soon all servers will be light (like all the old servers... people always quit... not because the game isn't good, just because there was a lot of more rewarding games... people wan't to have fun with games and this game make people angry so much times...). Trust me, if nothing changes, he will lose 25% of player to private servers, 25% for others games and 10% will just quit... you will have just the nerdest 40%. Most of then don't work, that's why they won't quit, they have time... lot's of it, but they don't have money... so NC won't be any happy. Those people will do quests a full week, will buy top NG... will level up to lvl 30-35... will do 3 months adena quests to buy top D... they will level up to 40... (probably, of the remaining 40%, more 10% will quit before that, so... 30%)... they will play over a year to get top C... but by there... more 10% will quit... so, the servers will have like 1k on line after a year, half of that bots (500), 250 players with 250 buffers on the second box. There will be it... you won't be ever able to do the biggest bosses. 70% of the server will be the players who buy adena from third party sites.
  13. People say "Ah, you should do a 9 ppl party and lvl up with AOE"... like if everyone knows that... like if everyone likes party... like if people would accept a no grade lvl 20 fighter without soul shot, hitting 25 when they can invite a mage to hit AoE... fighters wont have places in those parts, that happens a lot, I have seen that... "looking for AoE mages", sometimes a tanker, healer or buffer... so fighters must implore for groups? They need to have no self respect and implores everyday for a part... as they aren't able to level up alone... or they would need like 80 hours to level up while a mage with AoE group level up in 4 hours... that kind of ** did u used? And about NC... They should play the game instead of reducing a random exp/spoil/rate without even testing it. They are losing hundreds of people... and this people will NEVER GET BACK. They are losing thousand of dollars. Just as they want very easy and very fast money. Everyone knows money isn't easy, if they want money, they need to make the game ENJOYABLE!! If my friends stop playing (as they are almost doing) I and the rest of my clan will quit and NC wont see any of our money, even the 'donators' are almost quiting... NC you shouldnt hope people won't quit just because they already bought starter pack... they aren't enjoying the game and they will quit... the server will be a ghost and everyone that still plays will think "it's not worth". NC this game is 15 years old, it was beatiful almost 2 decades ago... but now... its nothing better than a MOBILE GAME... I have seens LOTS of prettier graphic on my cellphone... you don't ever update textures, the armors are like a paper from the right angle... you had 15 years to update that... don't say "the game is already complete", it's the past... now everygame that isn't losing players do constant updates, textures, performance increases, gameplay and everything... not just some stupid new levels and equips... the only 'upgrade' a had seen was some interfaces changes... the rest seens the same thing as 15 years old... That's why your company won't prevail... the "newer" games like LoL and DotA... they are free, in DotA you don't buy level, you can't buy exp, you don't have extra damage, don't have reduced dmg, you don't have any gold increased in farm... they are TRULY FREE, they dont offer any advantaged against another players... not like this... you can only buy some skins there... and people buy it, they pay a lot for some skins... they have like millions of players... this game could have it too... but you just want money, you don't invest, don't upgrade the servers (after 15 years, the servers are supposed to have 50 thousand on line without lag)... the textures for trees and vegetation are horrible nowadays... the characters are still the same faces, hair, even color's didn't changed... Take 10 minutes and play a modern MMO, you could take like 3 hours just on character creation, you have millions of possible options for characters skin colors, eye colors, scars, hairs and etc... but here, after 15 years of a 'leading game' you can just choose race, gender, hair and eyes, all with all very limited and not updated selection with 15 years old... that are you doing all those years? You just created more maps, increased level cap and created new weapons? Even on the armor creation, you dont create armors, you just paint it again... like Blue Wolf Heavy, Nightmare Heavy, Majestic and Imperial... (just a few of manyyy examples, I wont even say about same monsters with diferent levels, names and colors/sizes, eskeletons and etc...)... the cities have the same textures... but now the computers are like 50 times fasters... and the game stills the same? There was a game I starded playing just a while after Lineage... "Rome"... the first version... look at the last version, compare the graphical evolution... play five min of each and so play Lineage now and compare to 15 years ago... cities are the same, characters, armors People that play this game are the old players... they aren't the 15 years old kids... they have 30, 45, they have work, they have family, kids... they can't play this 12 hours a day... they wont spend hundreds of dolars to be level 20 no grade for 2 years... NC are dreaming about easy money, they don't even know their players routine, they don't update the game... they want kids playing this game? Won't happen... there are hundreds of mmorpg on the youtube... everyone with more incredible graphics... where you can have fun killing monsters and players all the day, without even losing exp... here they need to be 3 months killing the same monster with the same weapon, to farm a single weapon... this game play is outdated 15 years old... if you don't want to lose your jobs NC, start hearing your players. Just increasing the level cap and creating new grade itens to make people level up forever won't make this game live on this competitive world. You were the best... but you are at least 10 years outdated... textures, skins and game play style. People don't want to level up all the day... they can do it in a more beatiful game, single player or mmorpg, doesn't matter... the people now wan'ts to pvp all the day and level up just a little... be used to new era... play some more games, learn something new... reducing adena/exp/spoil will just make people bored with the game and quiting to a more engaging game... NC, learn with the best games... learn what means a TRULY FREE and learn how to treat players, learn how they make players feel especial, even if they never donated... you will always want free players, as they can have premium friends, and premiuns enemies (that pay, to be able to kill the free players, the free players are very important, I don't understand how you didn't learn that in 15 years... what have you been doing NC??).
  14. Thats sad. This game has a great potential but will be dead as they are greed and... not clever at all. They could do a lot of money if they know how to deal with a TRULY FREE SERVER, not a pay to survive, that will make everyone quit and so, the donators will play alone, they will get bored and will quit and money wont EVER COME. This game has 15 years and they didnt improve textures, performances and lots of things... thats soooo sad!