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  1. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk This is a really bad joke. Every 10 comments, 8 are complaining... about the other 2. 1 one then are adena sellers that will try to fool developers "hey, its okay, we don't want inflation(as they don't want to farm billions of adena for 1 dollar with lvl 20 bots)", a place where lvl 20-30 are the best farms are the best scenarios for bots... they won't survive if the money makers were 60+... but NC lack of aknowledge of the game (they really don't play it). The other one, are a member of a CP, that player like 6-18 hours a day... pr
  2. I do agree to increase. It won't keep players to have 15k fishing... (probably fishing as reworked this way to keep people on line more time so other people would'nt knew the server is DEAD, a ghost), but now, the fishing are the server main problem. But extend that to 20k... when fishes start being sold for 1 adena, they will stop fishing.
  3. There's a company called Amazon. They started with books, but they rent servers...you can rent a server and if you need more storage, you can add it in a single click, want more memory? Single click... Want more processors, more threads, you can rent it all according to your needs... need to decrease? Very easy too. So they can't argue that they don't have a good server or that its hard to increase server capacity... They should increase server limit to 30k... and put some full time GMs to ban bots/adena sellers. They can even put some programmers to check the event
  4. At least 3 times at random times or bots will be ready to log in at the first minute.
  5. Thats very stupid. Like if the game needs to be a **** and unplayable just because there is "a lot" of people wanting to play. No, this game is almost dead... it has what? 20k on line? Any new game has a lot more than that... even new mobile games has a lot more players than that... and they are new, they created the game with few resourse... this game is going to its second decade, it should had improved a lot. Take a look at "DotA", it was just a mod map, now it has millions of players, it pay millions on "The International", and it is a truly "trulyfree"
  6. Well, I am seeing dozens of playes quit from foruns (that means hundred/thousand on the game). But bots are 24/7... the afk fisher the same. Great NC, you are exchanging real players (that are able to pay for the game quit) to have more bots/fisher that won't pay never.
  7. I never had so much problems on private servers as I had on those "retail Lineage". When I had never played the official I thought "it should be very better on official" and after I had played I say "the privates were so good".
  8. I agree. All the trade should be done from auction houses. We have like 1k of people lagging all the towns for what? Some STUPID players trying to sell no grade arrows for 150 thousands adena each... some people trying to buy mats for 1 adena... people trying to sell store itens at a increased price. People trying to sell Stem for 40k saying its a bow part... it's stupid, most of the stores. Let just players with private workshops... they are few and they use their mp for creating. But mats, it should be auction, you have a list of prices/quantities people want to sell
  9. I was 750 - 9 hours ago. On this rate I will need more than 12 hours. You had the double than me... put something like 24 hours... find another game or go out, you won't play today. After 15 years the servers can't have 6k on... it's totally a joke, a bad one. This game won't exist too much, lack of competence is a great factor, who don't update won't exist in the future. As the players are always required to level up, the game should do the same, to stay competitive.
  10. This all is stupid. We don't have a inflation problem, we make less money than we need to play, we are not getting rich, so the inflation will never happen. What will happen? We have like 5k players... many with dual boxes (so thats why he are always full). People are strugging on lvl 20-22 without dmg to level up... they can't buy weapon, can't buy armors, can't buy soul shots and they can't even level up as they eventually die, as they can't kill 2 mobs at once if they attack... if a mob respaw near you and attack you with range attacks, you will die (don't came saying "ah you need a
  11. People say "Ah, you should do a 9 ppl party and lvl up with AOE"... like if everyone knows that... like if everyone likes party... like if people would accept a no grade lvl 20 fighter without soul shot, hitting 25 when they can invite a mage to hit AoE... fighters wont have places in those parts, that happens a lot, I have seen that... "looking for AoE mages", sometimes a tanker, healer or buffer... so fighters must implore for groups? They need to have no self respect and implores everyday for a part... as they aren't able to level up alone... or they would need like 80 hours to level up whi
  12. Thats sad. This game has a great potential but will be dead as they are greed and... not clever at all. They could do a lot of money if they know how to deal with a TRULY FREE SERVER, not a pay to survive, that will make everyone quit and so, the donators will play alone, they will get bored and will quit and money wont EVER COME. This game has 15 years and they didnt improve textures, performances and lots of things... thats soooo sad!
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